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  • Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!
    I would like to welcome all new and returning band parents and students. My name is Chris Jala, and I am pleased to be the band director here. We have a large, full, and thriving band program here at Bragg, and I'm excited to have the opportunity to outline our music program to you below. While the first opportunity to participate in instrumental music begins in third grade, I accept beginners at the start of every year. Please know students expressing interest past the cutoff date will be asked to wait until the following year so they can receive a proper and successful start to learning a musical instrument. This is my second year here at Bragg, and I have been consistently impressed and excited with what I have seen so far. I look forward to working with the bands at Bragg!
    Explorer Program


    PLEASE BE AWARE THE EXPLORER PROGRAM HAS TO BE DELAYED THIS YEAR DUE TO COVID RELATED ISSUES. This innovative program exposes the children to all of the traditional band instruments, allowing them to discover which instrument they enjoy playing the most, while providing the child with the opportunity to discover their strengths as very young musicians.  This will assist them in taking an educated step forward in choosing an instrument to play the following year as they move into a more traditional instrumental program. The school year is divided into five parts (each part approximately 6 weeks long).  During each of those sections, the following instruments are covered:


    -Clarinet (with an introduction to the Alto Saxophone)



    -Percussion (bell set)

    The students involved in this program will be able to draw from information they have been taught though out their K-5 general music instruction. At the culmination of the Explorer Program, the students and I discuss appropriate instrument choices they would like to explore in the Symphonic Band.  

    Symphonic Band

    The Symphonic Band is open to all fourth and fifth grade students who are starting a new instrument.  A majority of the students who participate in the program will have completed the Explorer Program.  Though it is encouraged, it is not required that students participate in the Explorer Program in order to participate in the Symphonic Band.  

    Wind Ensemble

    The Wind Ensemble is open to fifth grade students who are playing the same instrument for a second year in a row.  They will continue to develop upon the skills that were started in fourth grade band. In addition to more challenging music, there will be more of a focus on large ensemble skills.

    Chamber Music Program

    The Chamber Music Program is an auditioned enrichment program for students to gain experience playing in small groups.  The class is a second weekly class that is in addition to students' primary lesson.  More information regarding the chamber music program will be provided later in the year.