Mrs. Matelsky, Teacher of Gifted and Talented


    I am so proud and honored to be part of the amazing Dickerson School where I am responsible for:
    Enrichment for All:  
           Dickerson's STEM-based program for all children in grades K, 1 & 2 
    Enrichment English/Language Arts 
           For Grades 1 & 2
    Enrichment Math 
           For Grade 2
    Multiage Gifted and Talented
           For Grades K, 1 & 2
    Teacher & Parent Resource
             Please let me know if I can provide any assistance to you 
     regarding science, STEM, G&T, family enrichment, or any other way I can be of service!
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    Check out my Newsletters: Dickerson's Enrichment News page!

    I believe that great communication between home and school is one of the most fundamental keys to a successful education. In this section, you will find my current and archived enrichment newsletters as well as Enrichment, STEM and G&T related events and important dates.

    In this section I have included links to some resources and articles about STEM education, Community Enrichment Opportunities, Gifted and Talented resources, organizations and more!  I have also included links to websites I believe provide enriching opportunities for families to explore together. I will update as often as possible, so please check back. I'm always open to suggestions too!
    Here I have included some links to educational family fun and games to try out, mind-benders to stretch your mind and great, interactive learning resources. I will update as often as possible, so please check back.  I'm always open to suggestions too!