Absence/Hours/Delayed Opening

  • Students are expected to be present each day school is in session UNLESS ILLNESS or other legally bona fide reasons that prevent attendance. When a student is going to be absent from school, a parent/guardian is asked to use Pickup Patrol to enter the absence.


    TARDY - Students are considered tardy if they are not in their proper places at the official beginning of the school day.  Unavoidable exceptions, however, will be excused at the discretion of the principal.  A written excuse from the parent is necessary if a child is tardy.


    EMERGENCY CLOSING & DELAYED OPENINGS - Snow or another emergency may require a delayed opening or closing of school. Our notification system will be in place and will notify staff members and parents of a delayed opening, early dismissal or closing of school.    Also, watch the district's website (www.chester-nj.org) for postings.


    Dickerson Pre-K-2 Full Day Session

    Bus Drop Off                                  8:30 AM

    Instruction                                     8:50 AM - 3:20 PM

    Bus Departure                                3:28 PM

    Pre-School Program AM             8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

    Pre-School Program PM              12:50 PM - 3:20 PM (M-F)

    Pre-school Full Day Program       8:30 AM - 3:20 PM (M-F)



    Dickerson Pre-K-2 Half Day / Early Dismissal Session

    Bus Drop Off                                  8:30 AM

    Instruction                                     8:50 AM - 1:20 PM

    Bus Departure                                 1:30 PM

    Pre-School Program  AM             8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

    Pre-School Program  PM             No PM Session

    Pre-School Full Day Program       8:30 AM - 1:20 PM


    Dickerson K-2 Delayed Opening Session

    Bus Drop Off                                   10:30 AM

    Instruction                                     10:50 AM - 3:20PM

    Bus Departure                                 3:28 PM

    Pre-School Program AM               No AM Session

    Pre-School Program PM               12:50 PM-3:20 PM

    Pre-School Full Day Program       10:50 AM - 3:20 PM