Grading Policy

  • This material was handed out to all students in the beginning of the year.  It was reviewed and signed by a parent/ guardian at that time. 


    Student Performance Expectations

    Science Grade 7 and 8



    A. Study and explore the concepts and principles of science by:

    1. Identifying questions that can be answered through scientific investigations.
    2. Designing and conducting scientific investigations.
    3. Using appropriate tools and techniques to gather, analyze, and interpret data.
    4. Developing descriptions, explanations, predictions, and models using evidence.
    5. Using mathematics on aspects of scientific inquiry.
    6. Communicating scientific procedures and explanations using various methods.

     B. Demonstrate organizational skills by keeping an orderly notebook.

     C. Exhibit the proper use of laboratory equipment.

     D. Work independently and in cooperative groups to successfully achieve common goals.




    1. You must come to class everyday prepared to give your best effort in science.
    2. You must bring your science notebook, writing utensil, and all necessary materials to class everyday.
    3. Your science notebook is extremely The notebook will contain only science material.  All materials will be kept in chronological order.  Notebooks are graded each marking period and weighted as a test.  You will be notified of the date for the 1st marking period ONLY.  Proper documentation is an integral part of any scientific process therefore your notebook must be ready for a check at any time.
    4. Check the whiteboard and e-board daily for the notebook Table of Contents items and homework assignments. It is your responsibility to write down assignments in your agenda.
    5. Listen and follow directions the first time they are given.
    6. It is your responsibility to see me during Enrichment for work upon your return from an absence. Absences do not excuse you from work completion.  Upon your return to class you are expected to have all possible work (textbook, PowerPoint notes, etc.) completed.
    7. All students must read and sign the Lab Safety Expectations. No students will be permitted to participate in any lab experiment without returning the Lab Safety Contract.
    8. Safety precautions must be followed. If you are acting irresponsibility, you may be removed from class and therefore will not complete the lab or assignment that day, and will receive a grade of zero.




    Assessments will include tests, quizzes, lab assessments, group labs, writing, class participation, classwork, and homework.  Homework submitted one day late will receive half credit; two or more days late will receive 10% credit.  Ten points will be deducted from labs and projects for each day late.  If you are absent for a test or other assessment you will be allotted the same number of days you were absent to prepare for the assessment.  If you are absent the day before a test you will test as scheduled.  All other testing policies related to absences are up to the discretion of the teacher.



    Signature of Teacher




    Signature of Student                                                     Date



    Student Performance Expectations

    Science Lab Safety Contract


    Science is a hands-on class and as a result, you will be doing laboratory activities.  Safety in the science classroom should always be a priority for students, teachers, and parents.  To ensure a safe science classroom, a list of rules is provided to you in this safety contract.  The rules must be followed EACH time you are performing a lab.




    1. I will not misbehave in the laboratory or play with laboratory equipment or materials. I will not engage in behavior that is disruptive or dangerous or that interferes with another student’s right to learn.
    2. I will protect my eyes, face, and hands while engaging in the lab activities by wearing safety goggles and, if necessary, latex gloves or other protective gear.
    3. I will work only at my assigned workspace.
    4. I will follow all written and oral instructions. I will wait until I receive my teacher’s permission to begin a lab activity.
    5. I will not carry out or participate in any unassigned lab experiments without my teacher’s permission to begin a lab activity.
    6. I will not eat, drink, or taste anything in the laboratory. This includes, but is not limited to; gum, food, drink, and chemicals.
    7. I will appropriately clean up my workspace once I have completed my laboratory activity. This includes the floor under my lab table.
    8. I will not remove my safety goggles until the end of the period unless otherwise instructed by my teacher.
    9. I will report any injury or accident to my teacher immediately.
    10. I will return all laboratory materials to their appropriate place once I have completed my activity.


    I,                                                           (student’s name) have read and agree to abide by all of the safety rules set forth in this contract.  I realize that I must obey these rules to ensure my own safety and the safety of others in my classroom.  I am aware that any violation of these rules will result in my being removed from the lab and therefore receiving a failing grade.


    I, the undersigned, understand that there is a zero tolerance policy.



    Signature of Student                                                                 Date


    Dear Parent or Guardian,


    I feel that you should be informed regarding the steps taken to create and maintain a safe science classroom/ laboratory environment.  You should be aware of the classroom and safety rules I expect your student to obey while in science class.  Please read the lists of expectations and rules and then sign this form.  Your signature indicates that you have not only read the aforementioned material and are aware of the policies but will also instruct your son/ daughter to uphold this agreement.






    Signature of Parent or Guardian                                                            Date