Are you wondering what you should be doing during Enrichment?

  • Ladies and Gentlemen,

      The Eighth Grade Team of Teachers has established a list that highlights what students should be doing during Enrichment.  Enrichment is a time set aside for you, the student, that you can use for extra help, catching up after an absence, participating in an activity that you might have signed up for, or just to help you get ready for the day.  It is not a time to do homework or socialize.  Please use this list as a reference for what you should be doing during Enrichment time.
    During Enrichment, you (the student) may:
    * Read.
    * Visit the Library (with a signed Library pass to check out or return a book).  NOT to work in the library.
    * Go to any teachers with a signed pass for help- especially after an absence.
    * Go to the main office, guidance, or the nurse with a signed pass.
    * Study alone or in small groups as per the direction of your homeroom teacher (only members of homeroom may be in the group).
    * Work on long term assignments (like the Science Current Event).
    * Work on IXL.
    * Organize your binders.
    Attend band/ chorus/ peer tutoring/ or any enrichment club of which you are already a member.
    * Work with Mrs. Beringer, Mrs. Heisler, or any other teacher for extra help.