Outside Tutoring

  • Below is a list of teachers available for private tutoring outside of school.  Please note that teachers may only tutor students not currently assigned to their classes.


    All Subjects including Organization & Study Skills - Tara Bagnole - Tara.bagnole@chester-nj.org (Soecial Education certified)

    Language Arts: Mrs. Epler - Jacqueline.epler@chester-nj.org

    ILA/ Reading / Writing / Public Speaking (3rd grade up through college) - Joseph Pizzo - Joseph.pizzo@chester-nj.org OR Doreen Aiello - Doreen.aiello@chester-nj.org

    Math: Theresa Meierhofer - Theresa.meierhofer@chester-nj.org

    Math:  Nicole Hey - Nicole.hey@chester-nj.org

    Math:  Kim DeRosa - Kimberly.derosa@chester-nj.org (Special Education certified)

    ILA/Math:  Dana Mazza - Dana.mazza@chester-nj.org (Special Education certified)

    Science/Math/ ILA/ Social Studies (Elementary to high school) -  Jean Gilbert - Jean.gilbert@chester-nj.org / Summer contact info: 908-234-0057 /  tfbgilbert@aol.com

    Science - Middle School / High School - Earth Sciences:  Michael Stagg - Michael.stagg@chester-nj.org

    Science (All Levels):  Tina Sarlo - Christina.Sarlo@chester-nj.org  

    Spanish:  Cinthia Mullen - Cinthia.mullens@chester-nj.org

    Spanish (All levels up to high school):  Kathleen Werner - Kathleen.werner@chester-nj.org

    Spanish/Wilson Reading Program:  Maritza Ciottariello - Maritza.ciottariello@chester-nj.org  (Available for summer tutoring, as well)

    French:  Deborah McCoy - Deborah.reback@chester-nj.org  (Available for summer tutoring, as wel)