/S/ and /Z/ Sound Practice

  • Say each word three times each time you practice.  Each column below has a category of words with your practice sounds.  Have fun making up Silly Sentences! Practice in front of a mirror for additional visual feedback!

    "z"                    "s" and "z"               "s" and "z"                            "s"                       "s"
    eyes                  apples                   study skills                             snail                       bus
    nose                  oranges                 physical education (PE)         salamander          house

    ears                   strawberries          mathematics                           seal                       mouse
    arms                  blueberries            science                                  serpent                   pencil
    legs                    lemons                  social studies                         seagull                  glasses
    nails                   pears                    language arts                          skunk                    dinosaur

    fingers                plums                   music                                     sloth                     history
    toes                    grapes                 Spanish                                  squirrel


1290477/x_113512_s sound.jpg