/F/ and /V/ Sound Practice

  • /f/ and /v/ sound words

    Say each word using the correct /f/ or /v/ sounds. Your top teeth should be touching your bottom lip as you make these sounds.  Use a mirror to help you see the correct position.

          /f/ beginning      /f/ end         /f/ middle            /v/ beginning          /v/-sound end

            fun                    half          safety pin                  van                       have

            four                  calf            buffalo                     vine                       of (v sound)

            five                   cough       breakfast                  vote                       cave

            fix                     rough        dolphin                    very                       wave   

            front                 laugh       telephone                vegetable                move

            follow                leaf           butterfly                    vest                      leave

1290478/x_114241_f and v.png
Top teeth touch your bottom lip