Physical Education Rules

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    Black River Middle School Physical Education

    The following is a list of rules for Mr. Duffy’s Physical Education class. It is imperative that you are aware of these rules and do your best to follow them at all times to maximize safety, learning and fun!

    • You must change your clothes for physical education.  Appropriate clothes to change into are: a t-shirt, basketball/gym shorts, sweatshirt, or sweatpants. School clothes may not be worn over/under p.e. clothes. No zippers, buttons, or anything sharp is acceptable.
    •  Sneakers that tie must be worn for class and tied tightly.  Sneakers without backs are not permitted. 
    • Absolutely no jewelry is allowed this includes but is not limited to: earrings of all kinds, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches. All jewelry must be taken off prior to class and locked up in your locker.
    • No Gum chewing is prohibited. 
    • Long hair must be kept out of face and eyes.
    • Be on time for class.
    • Good sportsmanship is mandatory at all times. 
    • Do not leave the gym without permission. 
    • Do not touch any equipment without permission. 
    • Students will not be allowed to participate in any athletic events after school if they are not dressed for gym. 
    • If there are any problems, injuries, or concerns bring it to teacher’s attention immediately.

    **You may print this page and sign the back if you have lost the rules contract** 


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