Grading Policy

  • Each marking period a final grade is calculated by adding the 3 components together using their weighted values. 


    65% of your final grade is class participation- This is by far the most heavily weighted component. This includes being prepared, changing for class and being on time for class. Additionally, class participation includes participating in the daily activities regardless of personal opinion about the activity (remember not everyone will enjoy every activity equally everyday). In some instances students will be removed from an activity due to excessive misbehavior, this also would count as an 'unprepared.'  Each unprepared deducts 5% off the marking period's class participation grade. Every 2 lates (without a pass from a teacher) constitutes an unprepared as well. 



    20% of your final grade is Activity Knowledge- This component refers to the comprehension and application of material taught and discussed in class. This encompasses rules, techniques, health concepts and in some cases history of sports or activities discussed in class.



    15% of your grade is Safety - Unsafe behavior will NEVER be tolerated. Students who behave in a manner that puts themselves and/or others at risk of getting hurt, could receive a zero in this component in addition to receiving an unprepared for the day. In some cases further disciplinary action will take place such a lunch detentions, suspension from locker room use or suspension from Physical Education class altogether.