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  • While completing a review as a member of Edmodo's Luminary group, I have discovered an interesting post .   The list includes a poem a day for twenty school days in April, which is National Poetry Month.

    Here are some excellent sites for you to use as a writer.

    • 40 of the Best Websites for Young Writers -
    • Purdue Univerity's Online Writing Lab -
    • Young Writer's Project -
    • Writer Inspired -
    • National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) -
    Here is a site that will help you to know how long it takes to read a book.  

    If you are looking to improve your speed and comprehension when reading, then have a look at Spreeder.  According to the source, " is a free online speed reading software designed to improve your reading speed and comprehension."  The URL is:  .