Extra-credit Assignments

  • Here are some suggestions for extra-credit project.  Please do understand, however, that the following rules apply:
    • Get my approval before you begin a project so we can agree on the direction of the work.  This should be done during a mini-conference.
    • Be sure to have all your work completed for the marking period BEFORE you begin the project.  Also, be sure that all your work is complete AT THE END of the marking period so you may receive credit for your work.
    • Your works should be either original or inspired by other works, as appropriate.

    Possible Project Ideas
    • Writing - Poetry and Prose
    • Media Reviews - Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Websites, etc. - all with acceptable ratings & content
    • Product Reviews 
    • Videos - with permission from and supervision of parents/guardians.
    • Fine Arts Creations - Paintings, Sculptures, Dances, Songs, etc. accompanied by written explanations
    • Other - Create a project from your own thoughts.