Resource Math

    Supplies suggested for Resource Math class:
    We will have most of the needed supplies available in our classroom.  I am making individual kits for each student to reduce the need to bring or share materials.  The kits will include white boards, erasers, markers, rulers, calculators, response paddles, and a pencil box with pencils, erasers, glue stick, and pencil sharpener. Each student will need paper, and lots of extra pencils with erasers.  I would prefer regular pencils, not mechanical pencils. If you would like, you can bring a box of pencils into class, and I will keep them here for you. 
    You will need a calculator at home to complete your homework.  Make sure your calculator has the ability to work with square and cube functions, fractions, and exponents.  
    Our textbook is "Big Ideas Math".  In order to log onto the online book, click here, then click on common core 2014 and pick the blue book.  You do not need to have a user name or password.  The link for the textbook and directions are found on my classroom as well.