Braces - The wonderful world of braces and retainers...

  • Students in fourth and fifth grade might have to endure a plethora of hardware put in their mouths such as braces, palette expanders, and retainers.  For many students, they must earn their stripes in life and will have to have endure having those dental items installed in their mouths.  I have had many students go though this and all continue to have success on their instruments.  I only have two requests.
    1.  Please try not to have any of hardware installed near a performance date.  It take 6-8 weeks for your child's mouth to adjust to the addition and it will cause them issues when playing, including discomfort.  If possible, please wait until after a performance to get any dental or orthodontic work done.
    2.  Please try not to schedule any orthodontic appointments on the mornings your child has a band rehearsal.  Besides the fact that I love teaching your child, I get to see them so seldom that it is important that they receive their instruction.
    As always, please email or call me at the school if you have any questions or concerns about this.