Introductory Spanish - Español Basico

  •  Class Objective:

     All of Bragg  students will be starting their road to learning a 2nd language in Spanish. They will develop basic speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. By the end of each year, students will be able to engage in spoken conversations about themselves and their immediate environment.  Finally, students will examine cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World and will compare and contrast them with their own cultures. 

    Benefits of learning Languages:          

    -     Improves critical thinking skills.

    -    Helps you learn other languages.

    -    Increases your cultural sensitivity.

    -    It’s a college requirement and can help increase your SAT scores.

    -    Improves cognitive abilities: flexibility, attention, memory, problem solving, etc.

    -    Prepares students for the global economy and community of the 21st Century.


    v Greetings / Introductions


    • asking and responses


    v Describing self and others

    v School Life/ colors/ numbers

    v Food/ Animals 

    v Leisure and Past-times

    v Family and  Cultural Celebrations


Class routine on weather