My Booklist

  • The book list provided below is a good resource for parents that would like to read to their children a bilingual book or maybe to just expand on the language and learn about the culture. 
     I hope you enjoy the read!

Cultural Awernes

  • Abuelos (Avós)

    by Chema Heras, illustrated by Rosa Osuna Year Published: Challenging
    wonderful book; easily the best of this group; with lovely illustrations; someone ought to translate it into English; longish for a bedtime story
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  • Buenas Noches, Luna

    by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd translated by Teresa Mlawer Year Published: Easy Reading
    unlike the Big Red Barn translation, this one is awful; but kids love the story; a real chestnut

    Note: This book is available in our Library.
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  • Día de lluvia

    by Ana María Machado, illustrated by Francesc Rovira translated (from Catalan?) by “Atalaire” Year Published: Easy Reading
    short imaginative story about children playing at home on a rainy day; cursive letters; part of a larger series
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  • El Soñador

    by Pam Muñoz Ryan Year Published:
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  • Esperanza Rising

    Esperanza Rising

    by No Author Text Year Published: Easy Reading
    A young girl goes through life changes ... from rich to poor and from being given everything to working hard for each breath ... really a great story to read and think about how our life can change in a heart beat.
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  • La Castañera

    by Luz Orihuela, illustrated by Maria Ruis Year Published: Easy Reading
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  • La Primavera

    by by Josep Ma. Parramón illustrated by Asun Balzola Year Published: Easy Reading
    There is one for every season... look for otoño, invierno and verano series
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  • Mi Libro de Cuentos Preferido (I Love My Little Storybook)

    by Anita Jeram translated by Antoni Cósimo Year Published: Average
    beautifully illustrated book, decent translation but the stories that it refers to are the northern European Aesop’s Fables kind
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