• Synonym Word List 

    A synonym is a word that means the same thing as another word.  Here is a list of just a few.  The more synonyms you use, the more interesting a story will sound.  This is evident also when writing.  The more description, the more interesting!!!

    above/over garbage/trash raise/lift auto/car woman/lady stone/rock large/big infant/baby street/road small/tiny shut/close near/close stop/cease own/possess reply/answer exit/leave false/untrue happy/glad rest/relax ill/sick under/below shout/yell hard/difficult fast/quick strange/odd rug/carpet evil/bad speak/talk shop/store sniff/smell sack/bag bucket/pail couch/sofa funny/silly see/look pull/tug clever/smart alike/same angry/mad present/gift hat/cap jog/run listen/hear shack/hut father/dad mother/mom leap/jump tired/sleepy bunny/rabbit chef/cook crate/box house/home