'th' words

  • /th/ sound


    Practice the words listed below.   Make sure your tongue is a between your teeth and you get some 'air' out!!  You can practice these words in sentences as well!!!



    Initial Position (Beginning of the word)

    thumb  thimble   think  thick  thin  thistle  thread  thermos  thermometer  thermal  thirty  three  Thursday  thief  thunder  thigh  third  thorns  throat  through  throw  thatched  thorax  threat  theater  the  these  them  that  this  thankful  Thanksgiving


    Medial Position (Middle of the word)

    bathrobe  bathtub  bathroom  toothpaste  toothbrush  athlete  arithmetic  birthday author  panther  stethoscope  southeast  northwest  toothpicks 

    math class  Bethany  python  mouthful  weather  grandfather  grandmother  mother father clothing  bthing suit  feather  lather  together  leather  tetherball  gather 


    Final Position (End of the Word)

    bath  both  booth  cloth  Earth  eighth  math  month  moth  mouth  ninth  north  south  path  sixth  teeth  tooth  wreath  birdbath  bubblebath  discloth  eytooth  mammoth  tablecloth  tolbooth  underneath  Elizabeth  Meredith  breath  length  sloth  warmth  width  health