Art is Graded?


    How do we handle Grading Projects?



    In art class, the main priority will be that students are putting their hands, mind, and heart into the class. If a student is working their hardest, and is showing growth, then they are working toward excellence.


     Studio Portfolio Components:

    A selection of center challenge works, sketchbook drawings, WOW projects, project planning, and various other practice works or extra center art shall be included.


    Rubric includes:

    • Craftsmanship-

        • Growth in media related skills and grade level objectives, reflectiveness through planning and creating

        • Materials were used with care and chosen with intent

        • Includes thoughtful use of space and elements/principles of art

    • Studio Habits-

        • Envision/observation: imaging and practicing process for art making both during and before

        • Engaging and persisting/problem solving and focus

        • Stretch & Explore: Taking risks- learning from mistakes, teaching peers new way of artmaking

        • Reflecting: Conscious of my art making process and self-evaluative

    • Personal voice-

          • Expressing an idea, mood or place that expresses part of their interests

          • An awareness of audience

          • Demonstrates originality

    • Understanding the art world

    • Spent time discovering aspects of artwork from other artists in class or through art history lessons or personal research

    • Artwork is reflective of these experiences

    Reflection/Writing Components: Students reflect on their portfolio and write a final artist statement about the growth of their artwork.

    Artist Statement Rubric Components:

    • Described what they created/discuss their choice in subject matter & inspiration
    • Express/Share- discusses process of making artwork and why those choices were made, Discuss the personal themes and subject matter choices, or the inspiration for their project
    • Analyzed what skills and media choices they used as well as techniques explored/learned, Art Vocabulary- applied art vocabulary appropriately when discussing skills used and art work, Discussed the skills and techniques used in creating the artwork related to the media used
    • Judged how well they feel they did and anything they would do differently if they were to do it again
    • Reflect/Revise- discuss personal reflections on the artworks created, ways they would improve next time,  as well as any improvements made from peer TAG critiques






    On student report cards, grades will be written as a performance indicator instead of a letter grade.