For Students and Parents

  • Welcome to Bragg Art!  


    Dear Parent/Guardian & Student,


    Welcome to art! What an exciting year we have ahead of us! I would like to just take this time to introduce you to the art program and the many ways you can stay connected to what is happening in this studio!


    In Bragg, the classroom studio is arranged into carefully organized “centers” to promote artistic behaviors, goal setting, skill-building, and creative experiences. Our young, budding artists use sketchbooks for skill building exercises and brainstorming projects. Lessons are created that not only encourage developing art skills, but also learning from masters, and communicating like an artist. Bragg students plan long term independent art projects within their area of interest that showcases their new skills and personal creative vision. They then will compile a digital and physical portfolio showcasing their growth and their ability to think and communicate like an artist.


    Since choice-based art education puts the student in charge of choosing media and subject matter, there will be an extremely wide variety of projects coming out of the same classroom. It is important to note that children’s inspiration should come from their personal experiences and perspectives of the world around them. To most children the process of creating something is in itself the work of art.  A child’s world is quite different from our own... their art should truly be “childlike” and reflective of a young artist. While we celebrate growth in skills and creation of quality works, we value the artistic behaviors over the end product.


    Independence and responsibility are encouraged, and students are taught and expected to:  set up their own workspace,  explore, experiment, refine skills, create authentic art, and reflect upon their experience in their portfolio.


    As parents, you can stay connected to how your artist is doing in class. Join our Class Dojo (see attached permission slip) and connect to our art class website and blog, follow me on twitter, and join us in Google Classroom to track assignments. I respond to emails within a day, so you can always email me with questions!


    I am looking forward to a wonderful trimester of creative thinking and art making!


    Mrs. Lori Vilagos


    Stay Connected!

    Twitter: @artsymrsv

    Instagram: BraggArtists





    Sketchbooks are for:

    • Project Planning/Practice Sketches

    • Creative Thinking Topics

    • Practicing Drawing

    • Center Skills and Directions Sheets

    • Notetaking/Vocabulary

    Art Final Portfolio & Grading Policy

    Your Portfolio Must Be Stored Neatly, Turned in Timely, and Include:


    • Minimum 4 Art Centers Challenge artwork 
    • TAG Critiques & Artist Statements
    • Minimum 2 WOW Independent art projects


      • Artist statement to go with all WOW projects
      • Created more? Extra credit.

    Sketchbook Policy


    Each sketchbook is stored in the art room. You must bring it back to the sketchbook center the morning after you have brought it home.


    If it is lost and cannot be found, it must be REPLACED. If the book has been damaged it must be fixed.