Legacy Tile Wall


    The annual “5th Grade Legacy Tile Wall” project is now upon us! I am inviting you to continue this tradition with your graduating fifth grade artists! Each student can create a work of art on the square white paper provided, which with your help, can be turned into a 6”x6” ceramic tile permanently mounted in the school. This is your chance to have a lasting memory of your child’s artwork permanently featured in the halls of Bragg School!


    If your child would like to participate, please check the box on the order form to purchase one ceramic 6”x6” tile for the Legacy Wall. If you are participating in the Legacy Wall program, and would also like to purchase one or more to keep (which comes with a display stand) you would then also check off the box on the order form to have a personal tile made for an additional cost.  This is not a fundraiser; it is just something we would like to do for the children and as a lasting memory for your family.  Their drawing along with the order form and money needs to be returned together in the envelope provided. Only students who have sent in the paperwork to purchase their tiles by Friday, May 11th, 2018 will be able to participate in the “Legacy Wall”. Checks should be made payable to ART TO REMEMBER. This is a firm deadline.


    This is a wonderful way to leave behind an artistic memory created by your fifth grader. Any questions please email me at lori.vilagos@chester-nj.org. If you would like to see what the company is all about, visit their website: http://arttoremember.com/

    I am looking forward to adding your child's ceramic tile to the 5th Grade Legacy Tile Wall! 

    We hope you will participate! This video below was made in 2016 to show students how to create their tiles. I hope it could be of help to your child as well.
    Thank you!

     (Where I mention due date please write MAY 11TH 2018. When I mention school year to write on the tile if you want to, write 2017-2018.)