At-Home Parent/Student Resources


    Daily Schedule: Our Day


    Back To School Night Presentation: COMING SOON!!


    BEE sure to check back here throughout the year for important resources ...


    • Before You...THINK  poster -- Think before you post something on Facebook, in a text, Twitter, etc.  Included are some important questions to ask yourself before posting!  This poster can also be used as a reminder of how we SPEAK to & and SPEAK about others!!


    • STUDENT CHROMEBOOK CONTRACT -- Here is a copy of the contract the students will be signing regarding appropriate use of the chromebooks.









    • Savvas Math How To -- Do you forget how to find your Savvas Math homework workbook page?  **When you forget your math workbook in school, use this when completing your math HW!!


    • IXL login How To -- We will be using this website throughout the year to practice grammar, reading comprehension and math concepts!


    • EPIC login How To -- There are SO MANY books to read online!  Log in to find your assignements or read a book on your own!



    • RACE How To -- Check here for an explanation and example of how we write RACE Reader's Response paragraphs in third grade!


    • RACE HW checklist -- Use this to make sure you have all the components of a RACE response!



    • SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS How To -- Do you forget how to order your Scholastic Books? Click here so that you can order online and get "points" for our class. (Then we can order free books for the Beehive!)


    • MATH EQUATION VOCABULARY -- Are you unsure what to call the various parts in a math equation?  Check here for some help!


    **Keep in mind that you can access every website you need from the website!! (student gmail, Savvas, edutyping, google classroom, google drive, google docs, google slides, google drawing, google forms, etc.)