Homework Information

  • Please  EE sure to check your Bring Everything Everyday (B.E.E.) Planner every night for the daily and long-term homework assignments!  


    Every night there will be either spelling or vocabulary HW (10-15 minutes), reading 20 minutes (a book of your choice--just practice reading!!), and a math review page (10-15 minutes).  

    **Check your child's planner for more detailed HW information... assignments are subject to change on a daily basis, so please complete what your PLANNER says!


    As I tell the students, please do not come into school tomorrow with your homework incomplete.  

    Parents, please write me an email or write me a note in your child's planner why the homework is not complete.  


    • If your child forgets his/her math workbook, you can go to the Pearson website to access the workbook!  Your child can then take a blank piece of paper and simply write the ANSWERS neatly to hand in as their homework assignment.
    • If your child forgets his/her spelling workbook, you can look in his/her B.E.E. Planner on Friday of that week to find the spelling list, call a friend, or email me!
    • If your child forgets her/his vocabulary workbook, you can look in his/her B.E.E. Planner on Friday of that week to find the words (not the definitions) and simply write the words on lined paper and write the definitions (as they remember them or look up the definitions in the dictionary and write definitions in their own words). Hand in the lined paper as their homework assignment.

    The students who have incomplete homework assignments must make up the work before Friday of that week.

    Thank you for your help in teaching your child responsibilty and time managment--both difficult concepts to learn at times!