Homework Information


    Every night there will be several math problems in the workbook (10-20 minutes) as well as getting the green light on ReflexMath.com. There will be class time each day to complete Reflex...

    ...But please EE sure to have your child show you the GREEN LIGHT on ReflexMath.com EVERY NIGHT so you can double check this DAILY HW assignment.  The goal is to reach 100% fluency on 0-10 multiplication/division facts (a 3rd grade goal) and then to reach 100% fluency on 0-12 multiplication/division facts (a 4th grade goal).


    As I tell the students, please do not come into school tomorrow with your homework incomplete.  

    Parents, please write me an email or write me a note in your child's HW folder as to why the homework is not complete.  


    • If your child forgets his/her math workbook, you can go to the Savvas website to access the workbook!  Your child can then take a blank piece of paper and simply write the ANSWERS neatly to hand in as their homework assignment.

    The students who have incomplete homework assignments must make up the work before Friday of that week.

    Thank you for your help in teaching your child responsibility and time management--both difficult concepts to learn at times!