Welcome Guide - ABC

  • September 2015

    ¡Hola alumnos y padres!

    Welcome to Spanish at BRMS! I hope you will have a wonderful year exploring the world of Spanish through language and culture.

    Please look through resources and other useful links on this site. The attached ABC GUIDE contains some information about my Spanish classes.  Not everything will apply to your class.  See me with questions.  Sometimes you will have an assignment in Glencoe/Web Explore link.  This site includes many cultural links as well as direct links for our own curriculum with practice quizzes and games.

    Use the GRAMMAR links to find practice exercises and games.

    To improve your PRONUNCIATION go to Fun with Fonéticas. Click on each word to hear a speaker from Spain pronouncing all the words - turn up the volume!

    HispHeritageMo contains information about Hispanics in the United States (site being updated). Every year, we celebrate Hispanics in the U.S. during the period of September 15 to October 15. (These dates were chosen because many Hispanic countries gained independence during this time.)

    In LA CULTURA, you will find cultural information including travel through Spain. There are also links about our food, dining habits, music, art, etc.

    In addition, since I have your attention....please make sure you are able to get on our school's Power School Gradebook program as your assignment grades will be posted there. Take the time now to make sure you know/have your Password, obtainable through our school website under PARENTS link - PowerSchool Parent Portal - Lost Password. If not, contact the Main Office as soon as possible.

    Keep up with your español, por favor and please check back for homework.  Adiós amigos.

    Señora García Keiser

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