MAKER SPACE! - Parent Permission form


    IF YOU BUILD IT . . .  you will understand it in a way you never otherwise could.

    Room 123 is full of stuff that’s just waiting to be made into your greatest invention.

    Here’s how it works:


    • You sign up with the form below.  Mrs. Mueller will send you your admission ticket, which lets you know your week. 
    • You may ask to come with a group of friend or two, as long as you are in the same grade. We will try to put you together (no guarantees).   But, definitely:  everyone needs his or her own permission slip.
    • You MUST come on the first day, because that’s when we explain the process, the rules, and show you where the supplies are.
    • After that, you can come one, two, three or four other days of the week at your grade’s recess time. 
    • Your creation is almost as limitless as your imagination - but it cannot be a weapon of any kind.
    • On Friday, you may take your invention with you.  It’s yours!
    • Once you’ve handed in the permission slip and finished your first invention, your name goes in the rotation for another turn.  As soon as your turn comes around again, Mrs. Mueller will let you know.

    Please sign me up for a week at the Makerspace!


    Name:                                                                       Homeroom teacher:


    If possible, I’d like to be in the Makerspace during the same week as these friends: 1.                                                 2. 


    Parent signature: ___________________________________________

    I understand that the Makerspace replaces my child’s recess time for two or more days on his/her designated week.  A notice with the assigned dates will be sent home.