• Fun with Fonéticas

    You can listen and practice your Spanish pronunciation at home with this site.

    Click below and then click on each word listed on the LEFT side of the page to hear the correct sounds

    A Few Distinctions of Pronunciation in Spain
    The speaker on this website is from Spain.

    1. Listen carefully to the speaker when she says "zapatos" and you will notice the "z" sound we discussed in class. In most of Spain, it is pronounced like the English "th" (as in "thin").
    Example: "azul" would sound like athul and

    2. Listen to the soft "c" when she says "Barcelona" -- also pronounced like "th" in Spain.
    Example: "gracias" would sound like grathias

    Note for #1 and #2: In Latin America, both "z" and soft "c" are pronounced like an "s."

    3. Remember that the "j" in Spanish is like "h" in English, a breathy sound, but the "j" sound in Spain is a throatier sound. Listen carefully. You can really notice it when she says "agujero."

    4. The letter "s" in Spain is a much thicker "s" sound than the way Latin Americans pronounce the letter "s." Listen to the speaker as she pronounces all the words containing the letter "s" to hear that thickness.