Spain - Getting Around & Shopping

  • SPAIN-Getting around and shopping

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    Read about the amazing train system in Spain!!! Go right onto their website and look at their newest line of trains.

    Travel in style on high-speed trains through Spain and connect to various countries in Europe.

    Start by clicking on the AVE (left side of the screen) and selecting your destination from the pull-down menu. Perhaps you would like to take the train to Milan, Italy or Paris, France. Maybe you want to go to Zurich, Switzerland. Find out what route will get you there. Take the hotel train (the night train) and wake up in your dream city. The routes have been named after famous Spanish artists such as Salvador Dali. The Salvador Dali route is from Barcelona, España to Milano, Italia.



    Look at Madrid's fabulous metro system. Pictures and routes available on this site. A few summers ago, I spent six weeks living a block away from the "Metropolitano" station off the #6 circular line. It was a very convenient location with connecting stops all over the city. I did a lot of shopping right at Moncloa, only two stops away.


    Their website is also available in English.

    I bought everything I needed there. This store has various locations and each store is HUGE. There was one right in front of the Moncloa station with the entrance just a few feet away. It is definitely a convenient place to shop when you're in the city carrying lots of packages on the metro. It's pricier than some of your smaller local stores, but you get excellent quality.