PM Pickup Procedure

  • Dickerson Student Pick-up Directions


    • Send a note in the backpack each morning you deviate from your child’s normal routine.  The teacher will send this note to the office.
    • Do not e-mail a change in your child’s pick-up routine; teachers do not check e-mail routinely when the children are present. Please call the school at 908-879-5313.
    • Parents picking up children after school will be invited into the building at 3:24 pm.  Then proceed to the Art Room for 2nd graders, the Music Room for kindergarten, the Library for Preschool and the Technology room 1st grade.  You will be asked for your signature to sign your child out.

    To minimize academic disruption for the entire class, please avoid picking your child up early unless you have an appointment or emergency. Classes run until 3:20 pm.