• Hello. I am looking forward to the 21-22 school year and meeting all my new friends!

    Listed below are all the items you will need for Kindergarten:

    *Backpack (no rolling backpacks please)

    *smock (with your name written on the front, perferably a large t-shirt, no buttons)

    *Two folders (front pockets)  Please have one of the folders a plain durable folder.  Your child's take home folder may be a folder of their choice.

    *One Three ringed binder 1 1/2 or 2"   (easy open/close for your child to operate)

    *Pencil Case

    *lunch box (name inside)

    *2 healthy snacks.  Please have each snack in a separate bag marked with a 1 (for the morning) and a 2 (for the afternoon).  Please include a drink and spoon/fork if needed.  You may pack snacks in separate reusable insulated snack bags. Please do not place snacks in your child's lunch box.  Please remember that the Dickerson School classroom are all PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE rooms.  It is important that you read ingredient labels carefully.  Thank you for your cooperation.


    The following supplies would be appreciated but are not necessary.  These items will be shared with the class in our "Community Buckets" and DO NOT need to be labeled.

    *Glue Sticks (2 pack)

    *Pack of Markers

    *2 Black Dry Erase Markers

    *Erasers ("jumbo pink" not pencil top)

    *I have twistable crayons (8 basic colors) for each child, however if you wish to provide your child with a larger color option pack of crayons you may.