Does your child have disabilities? - How to find help?


    Child Find of Morris County, New Jersey

    August, 2016


    All Morris County School Districts offer educational programs and services for students ages 3 to 21 who are in need of special education services.  Parents or other appropriate persons may refer children who are experiencing significant difficulties to their local school district.


    Beginning at age 3, children experiencing physical, sensory, emotional, communication, cognitive, or social difficulties may be eligible for special education and related services.  Parents should contact their local district’s Child Study Team office for further information if they have concerns about their child’s development.  Children from birth to age 3, who are thought to have a developmental delay, may receive assistance from the Early Intervention Program.  To access this service, parents should contact Early Intervention at 1-888-653-4463 or Project Child Find at 1-800-322-8174.


    If parents are concerned about their school-age child’s progress, they should discuss such issues with their child’s teacher, guidance counselor or principal.  Parents have the option of making a referral to the school’s Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Committee or to the Child Study Team (CST). The I&RS offers intervention procedures that are provided within the general education school program.  At times, however, more extensive interventions than can be provided in the general education setting are necessary to assist the student. If a child is determined to be eligible for special education and related services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed, which includes a rationale for the student’s educational placement and the basis for the program implementation.


    The following is a listing of Morris County CST offices and phone numbers.  For further assistance, contact your local district.


    Boonton Town                             973-316-9230               Boonton Township                        973-334-4162 x 370

    Butler Borough                            973-492-2025               Chathams, School District           973-457-2502

    Chester Public Schools               908-879-6004 x 3001  Denville Township                        973-983-6549

    Dover Town                                  973-989-2070               East Hanover Township               973-887-2112, x 127

    Florham Park Borough               973-822-3888, x 4006  Hanover Park Regional               973-887-6308

    Hanover Township                      973-515-2443                 Harding Township                       973-267-6398, x 112

    Jefferson Township                     973-697-3535, x 3             Kinnelon Borough                    973-838-1418, x 112

    Lincoln Park                                  973-696-9150                     Long Hill Township                  908-647-1202, x 2228

    Madison Borough                       973-593-3153, x 7003      Mendham Township                973-543-7107, x 224

    Mine Hill Township                     973-366-0590                     Montville Township                973-331-7100, x 2225

    Morris County Office of Educ.  973-285-8332                     Morris Hills Regional               973-664-2324

    Morris Plains Borough               973-538-1650, x 127         Morris School District             973-292-2300, x 2040

    Mount Arlington Borough         973-398-4400, x 315         Mt. Olive Township                 973-691-4008, x 8401

    Mountain Lakes Borough          973-334-2587                     Netcong Borough                     973-347-4624

    Parsippany-Troy Hills Township 973-263-7200, x 7215      Pequannock Township           973-616-6030

    Randolph Township                     973-361-0808, x 8104      Riverdale Borough                   973-839-1300, x 7

    Rockaway Borough                      973-625-8605, x 103        Rockaway Township                973-627-8200, x 203

    Roxbury Township                       973-584-4232                    Unity Charter                            973-292-1808 x 15

    Washington Township                908-876-9211                    West Morris Regional             908-879-6404 x 1477

    Wharton Borough                       973-361-3010