Class Supplies

  • First Grade Supplies for Mrs. McAvinn's class





    (mark EVERYTHING with your child's full name!)

    * backpack (not rolling!!)

    * lunchbox

    * reusable snack bag

    * 5 sharpened pencils with erasers

    * large, "pink" eraser

    * a sturdy two pocket folder marked TAKE

       HOME FOLDER (laminated ones last longest)

    * 3 glue sticks (not liquid)

    * a pair of Fiskar scissors

    * hard sided, 8 x 5 pencil box

    * art smock (an oversized t-shirt with your name in large letters across the front)



    Donations of the following items are greatly appreciated- Do not write your child's name on these items as they will be shared by the whole class

    * baby wipe refills 

    * box of soft tissues

    * Ziploc baggies ( gallon size only)

    * watercolor markers

    * crayons

    * colored pencils

    * post it notes



     send in a soft pencil case, permanent markers, notebooks, binders, staplers or pencil sharpeners.  All of these items will be given to your child or made accessible to them.  Thank you!