Weekly Classroom News


    Classroom News

    Here is a list of upcoming events: 


    Early Dismissal Days will be Monday, June 14th, Tuesday, June 15th, and Wednesday, June16th


    June 16th is our Last Day of School 


    Please send in one snack each day.



    Here is a list of items that may be floating around your house:
    1 school chromebook with the charger (just those who borrowed them)
    10 cubes of one color
    10 cubes of one color  
    10 counters
    1 die (dice)
    1 white board 
    1 white board eraser
    any tens frames papers (single or double)
    any metal rings from our packets
    We need all school items to be returned by Friday, June 11th.
    Thank you in advance for returning these items.








    Please remember to enroll in the Powerschool Parent Portal to access your child's Report Card

    for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th marking periods.

    Thank you!





    I am also in need of 2 gallon freezer bags.

    Thank you in advance!!!




    On November 16th, we are starting our longer day schedule. On the days that your child is staying until 3:20,
    please send in two snacks for your child.
    Please label the morning snack with a 1 and the afternoon snack with a 2. 
    On November 23rd, all children should bring in two snacks.
    Please label the morning snack with a 1 and the afternoon snack with a 2. 
    Thank you for all that you're doing!



     Library Books

    Each child usually keep his or her Library book for about a week


    Each child may return his or her Library book whenever they are finished reading them. 



     JOIN THE PTO! Check out the website - some shirts are still available and the Chester PTO Spirit Wear

    will go back on sale for the holidays.





    Dear Parents,



    Please join my CLASSTAG app Diviney 2020 -2021. (Almost Ready)

    I am setting up this app to keep you posted on upcoming events or activities that we will be doing throughout the year.

    Please remember to always check my website for various items of interest every week.

    Thank you!


    Please send in written notes if you need to let me know anything, as well as, an email or phone call to the school if you think I may not receive the note in class. All notes and letters should be placed in my green basket near the classroom door.    



    Please send in an art smock,

    ear buds in a small plastic bag,

    a beach towel OR pillowcase to sit on outside by Monday, September 14th.

    Please put your child's name on all of these items. Thank you!





    Guided Reading Books (Start in January)

    Please return all books and the plastic bag every Monday.


    I would like to ask if anyone has some older games lying around that you would like to donate to our classroom such as: Chutes and Ladders, Perfection, Operation, Old Maid cards, Operation, Connect Four, Battleship, etc... They would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you!



     Please check out my Supply List for essential Kindergarten materials.


     Please send in earbuds as soon as possible, I would like to start our computer center next week.

    Thank you!



      Weeks 34 and 35

    4/26 - 4/30 and 5/3 - 5/7




    Language Arts


    Identify capital and lowercase letters

    Identify the letters in his or her first and last name

    Writing his or her name using capital and lowercase letters correctly


    Learning some French, Spanish, and Sign language.



    We are practicing:

    How to hold our pencils correctly 

    How to slant our papers to help make our letters correctly

    To follow print from top to bottom and from left to right when reading

    To identify periods, exclamation marks, and commas when reading



    All sight words on List A should be secure by the end of Kindergarten




    Sight Words practiced already:

    I, a, the, my, am, see, an, look, go, in, at, can, do, like, is, to, it, and, on, me, we, he, she, be, so, up,said, for, not, play, ran, saw, all, too, you, was, that, here, are, there, where, come, good, came, put, some, this, got, jump, big, little, say, away, then, went, will, get, they, with, when, ride, want, but, your, eat, has, had, have, who, take, make, made, give, her, gave, him, his, us, as, soon, out,.our, about, very, were, from, of, new, just, must, well, did, what, now, find, ate, 




    Upcoming SightWords:





    Other sight words practiced are: 


    red, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple, brown, black, grey, white, pink






    Identify Capital and Lowercase letters 

    Identify the following letters and their sounds: A - Z

    Identifying the letters and their sounds - Aa, Cc, Dd, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, Oo, Tt, Pp, Uu, Bb, Rr, Ff, Nn, Ee, Ss, Ww, Yy, Vv, Xx, Zz, Qq, Qu

    Identifying the word families such as: ack, all, am, an, ap, at

    Identifying the blends such as: ch, sh, th, wh, 







    Reading Workshop 


    This reading unit contains mini lessons that demonstrate how a reader thinks while they are reading.            

    There is so much more to reading than reading the words/pictures and retelling a story.

    A reader thinks, thinks and thinks as they read.

    This unit names and demonstrates the different kinds of thinking a reader does to understand the book better.

    A good reader predicts, infers, creates mental images, questions, wonders, synthesizes and talks.   


    Writing Workshop




    We will beginning to write personal narratives.








    Topic 14 - Describe and Compare Measureable Attributes


    Compare by length and height

    Compare by capacity

    Compare by weight

    Describe objects by attributes

    Describe objects by measureable attributes

    Math Practices and Problem Solving: Precision













    Discussing how to measure the Weather - rain gauge, wind anemometer, thermometer
    Discussing Plant Life
    Needs of a Plant.
    Sequence the life cycle of a plant.

    Social Studies



    The importance of plants in our lives.





    Second Step Program - Social Emotional Learning (SEL)  



    Great Listener Rules include:

    1. Eyes are for watching

    2. Brain is for thinking

    3. Lips are closed

    4. Ears are for listening

    5. Hands are in our laps

    6. Feet are criss cross applesauce


    Good Coloring Rules include:

    1. Coloring inside the lines

    2. Colors make sense

    3. Fill in the white spaces




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