• Practice Writing Skills

    • Follow the handwriting rules!

      1. Letters touch the bottom lines.

      2. Short letters start at the middle dotted line (a,c,e, i,m,n,o,r,s,u,v,w,x,z).

      3. Tall letters touch the top line (all uppercase and b,d,f,h,k,l,t).

      4. Spaces go between my words.

      5. “Go under letters” or "basement letters" go under the bottom line (g,j,p,q,y)

      6. Print your letters the same size.

    • Schedule a 10 minute interval daily to practice writing.

    • Encourage your child to write about a preferred topic of choice.

    • Help your child make greeting cards for family and friends.

    • Write a grocery list together.

    • Make lists: favorite TV programs, movies, things to pack before a trip.