• Ideas for practicing Handwriting skills:

    All of these ideas can be done in cursive or manuscript, depending on what skills the child is working on / maintaining.

    Make the letters in shaving cream, foam, sand or salt tray.


    "Write" the letters on the back of another person with your finger and have them guess the letter. Alternate turns.  If this is too hard, "write" the letters on the back of the hand so that vision helps.


    Practice on other surfaces—magnadoodles, sidewalk chalk, with paint


    Place a piece of sandpaper or screening under the writing paper to increase input


    Keep a journal.  Write at least 1-2 sentences about each day.  


    Write notes to grandparents, cousins


    Send postcards


    Help make the grocery list


    Make "To Do Lists" for the day


    Copy short stories or newspaper articles.  This is especially good for copying from print into cursive.  It also addresses the skill of keeping ones place with the eyes. 


    Copy (or invent your own) comic strips 


    Draw pictures and write about them


     *Keep writing experiences short, light-hearted and fun.  Frequent opportunities to write will keep the skill fresh.


    *When writing for more extended periods, children should be seated with their feet on the floor or securely supported on a footstool for stability.  An alternative position is to lay prone on the floor.