Units For the Year

  • The following is a list of the units the students will be instructed in throughout the year:


    1. Introduction to Physical Education, basic introduction (directions i.e. building a foundation, personal space, general space, boundaries) locomotor skills, levels, pathways, tempo, and 4 corner fitness


    2. Parachute Activities


    3. Manipulatives: Throwing, Catching, hula hoop exploration, beanbag fun, (SGO'S introduced) 


    4. Fun fitness activities, jogging/running, skipping, gallloping, leaping, sliding, hopping, jumping, and leaping form  evaluated (SGO'S introduced)


    5. Basketball/ball dribbling and shooting activities and skills introduced


    6. Bowling


    7. Jump ropes/Hula Hoops


    8. Scooter activities


    9. Rhythmic activities/tennis ball games


    10. Lacrosse skills introduced through fun activities


    Fitness concepts will be regularly incorporated in all lessons: Health-related concepts- Cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength. Sport-related concepts - Agility, Coordination, Speed, Power, and Balance.