• List of Tutors for BRMS
    Language Arts/Reading/Writing:
    Meryl Ironson - meryl.ironson@chester-nj.org
    Jackie Epler - jacqueline.epler@chester-nj.org
    Jess Mucerino - jessica.mucerino@chester-nj.org
    Joseph Pizzo - joseph.pizzo@chester-nj.org - 908-884-4061
    Tara Bagnole - tara.bagnole@chester-nj.org
    Pat Cammarata - parcammarata0140@gmail.com
    Terri Meierhofer - theresa.meierhofer@chester-nj.org
    Nicole Hey - nicole.hey@chester-nj.org - 973-224-3032
    Kim DeRosa - kimberly.derosa@chester-nj.org (no geometry)
    Tara Bagnole - tara.bagnole@chester-nj.org
    Kathy Werner - kathleen.werner@chester-nj.org - 973-964-8724
    Heidi Garcia - Keiser - (through facetime coming soon...)
    Deborah Reback - deborah.reback@chester-nj.org
    Sciences -
    Christina Sarlo - christina.sarlo@chester-nj.org (including high school)
    Jessica Mucerino - jessica.mucerino@chester-nj.org
    Tara Bagnole- tara.bagnole@chester-nj.org
    Social Studies 
    Tara Bagnole - tara.bagnole@chester-nj.org
    Jessica Mucerino - jessica.mucerino@chester-nj.org
    Pat Cammarata - parcammarata0140@gmail.com
    Study Skills/organization:
    Christina Sarlo- christina.sarlo@chester-nj.org
    Pat Cammarata - parcammarata0140@gmail.com

    Bragg School Tutors

    Please contact the teachers directly if you are interested in private tutoring.  They can be reached using their email address which is firstname.lastname@chester-nj.org.  If you would like specific recommendations on a tutor for your child, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Andolina or Mrs. Spence.

    Miss Melissa Bene

    All subjects and grades 

    Special Education Teacher                                


    Ms. Lauren Bussel                                         

    Math, Grades K-5

    Miss Colleen Cahill                            

    All subjects 3rd-7th grade


    Miss Christa Daly

    All subjects 3rd-5th grade


    Mrs. Erica David                                

    All grades and subjects


    Mrs. Kelli Dolan

    All subjects K-5


    Mrs. Meryl Furhman                          

    All subjects

    Project Read Trained


    Mrs. Dana Militante

    Grades K-3

    **Summer only**


    Mrs. Lisa Pennella

    All grades- Language Arts


    Ms. Nicole Polkowski                        

    Math, Grades 3-6


    Mrs. Lisa Robinson

    All subjects and grades K-5


    Mrs. Milli Roskie

    ELA, Grades 3-6


    Mr. Brian Seely                                  

    All subjects


    Mrs. Lauren Scarfo

    All subjects


    Mrs. Maryanne Vindici                                  

    All subjects, grades 3-5


    Mrs. Maryrose Walsh

    All subjects and grades

    ESL students- fluent in Spanish


    Miss Alexandra Golden

    All subjects


    **Retired Teachers- please call them directly** 

    Jack Berg

    All subjects and grades



    Michela LaLonde

    All subjects and grades



    Susan Riposta

    ELA Grades K-8, Reading/Writing background

    Special Education


    Dickerson School Tutors

    1. Francesca Ragonese, K-5, Math

    2. Erin Beil, K-5, all subjects

    3. Kerri Sheridan, K-3, all subjects

    4. Diana Taub, K-5, all subjects, 6-8 Social Studies and Language Arts

    5. Jen Christal, K-3, all subjects

    6. Robin Matelsky, K-5, all subjects, 6th grade Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts

    7. Nicole Healy, K-5, Reading

    8. Samantha Westberg, K-3, all subjects

    9. Dawn Montesano, K-2, all subjects