Acceptable Use Policy

  • The mission of the Chester Schools, in part, is to provide a flexible learning environment tailored to meet the needs of students. Toward that end, the students and staff need the ability to use and access various types of technologies, including the Internet, as integral parts of their educational process. The Internet provides interaction between: (a) the students and millions of information sources, (b) the public and the school district, and, (c) between and among educators and the community.

    As with any media source, there are inherent dangers associated with access to computers and people all over the world, since certain data available may not be of an appropriate and/or educational value in the context of a school setting.

    Because of the global nature of the Internet, it is nearly impossible to control all materials an experienced user could possibly access. The Chester Township Board of Education seeks to balance issues of intellectual inquiry, freedom of speech, and privacy with the responsibility of the district to ensure that students do not access or produce inappropriate or illegal material. Accordingly, appropriate filtering devices shall be utilized once the district-wide network has total Internet access capabilities for all students to ensure certain questionable sites are denied.

    The students, staff, and community members will have access to numerous technological resources for the specific purpose of improving the educational process of the district by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication. These resources may include, but are not limited to:

    School-based computer networks (Local Area Networks)
    District-wide computer networks (Wide Area Networks)
    Stand-alone computers
    Peripheral devices such as laser disks and CD-Rom players, videocassette recorders and players, television, scanners, and printers
    On-line services (Internet Service Providers)
    Licensed software, CD-Rom programs and video cassettes
    Databases of information compiled by the district.


    Any student in grades K-8 and/or community member seeking to use the technological resources of the district must sign a "Technology Use Agreement" to ensure he/she will not attempt to acquire data for noneducational purposes. In addition, all students must have the form signed by their parent or guardian, and adults using the facilities must sign and submit the form. Failure to submit a properly executed Technology Use Agreement will preclude the student, staff, and/or community member use of computers and/or related technologies available in the schools.

    All users of the district's technology are prohibited from the following actions:

    Personal use of the districts technological resources, including development of bulletin boards and chat groups.
    Using technology for illegal activities as outlined in federal and state law and network provider policies and licenses.
    Disrupting or damaging equipment, software, files, or the operation of the system.
    Vandalizing the account, work, or data of another user.
    Gaining unauthorized access to another account, confidential school records, or the system operation.
    Utilizing another users account or names without permission.
    Using abusive or obscene language, sending hate mail, or harassing another individual. Electronic mail is not guaranteed to be private, and messages relating to or in support of illegal activities may be reported to the authorities.
    Obtaining pornographic text, graphics, or photographs.
    Creating or installing a computer virus or hacking.
    Using technology for personal financial or business gain.
    Installing or using personal software on any computer in the district.
    Changing the configuration of an individual computer or network.
    Downloading inappropriate or illegal software.
    Logging on the Internet or sending e-mail using a false name.
    E-Mail broadcasting of spamming.
    Using technological resources in political campaigns in local state, federal or school board contests.


    The Chester Board of Education makes no warranties of any kind whether expressed or implied, that the functions of the services provided by or through the district will be error-free or without defect. The Board will not be held responsible for any damages suffered. This includes, but is not limited to, a loss of data resulting from delays, failures to deliver, or service interruptions caused by the district's own negligence, or user errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained through the district is at the user's own risk, particularly regarding accuracy or quality of information.

    The district website is established to present information about the district to the community. The Superintendent of Schools will determine the staff member to be designated webmaster, responsible for maintaining the aforementioned website. Individual classes may establish web pages that present information about their school or class activities as well. In more advanced computer classes, students may post materials, including links to other sites. Materials presented in student web pages must be related to educational and career preparation activities. Student web pages must include the notice, "This is a student web page". Opinions expressed on this page shall not be attributed to the Chester Township Public Schools.

    Users must never reveal personal information about themselves or others. This includes home addresses and home telephone numbers. Users must never agree to meet people in person with whom they have communicated electronically. Users must immediately report to a staff member any information they access that appears to be dangerous and/or that makes them feel uncomfortable.

    In the event there is an allegation that a student has violated the Acceptable Use Policy, the student will be provided with a written notice of the alleged violation and an opportunity to present an explanation before a neutral administrator. All users who have violated this policy shall be subject to disciplinary and legal action where warranted. This includes warnings, suspension of user privileges, criminal prosecution, and monetary restitution for damages caused.

    The Chester Board of Education, within the parameters of currently available technology, will make all efforts to assure student right of privacy.