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  • BRMS Middle Years Newsletter

    Posted by lori mauger on 8/3/2020 10:20:00 AM

    The BRMS Guidance Department offers the following informative newsletter to assist parents with their middle school children:

    Middle Years Newsletter

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  • Summer Reading Program Chester Library

    Posted by Lisa Campbell on 6/8/2020

    Use the link below to see the flyer detailing summer offerings from the Chester Library.

    Bragg Summer Reading Program

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  • 5th Grade Farewell Celebration

    Posted by Lisa Campbell on 5/28/2020
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  • Relay for Life Relay Rainbow

    Posted by Lisa Campbell on 5/19/2020

    West Morris is having a Relay for Life Relay Rainbow in honor of our Healthcare Workers.  Please see the link below for the flyer.

    Relay Rainbow

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  • BRMS Virtual Career Day- Deadline Extended!

    Posted by lori mauger on 5/13/2020 12:00:00 PM

    BRMS is hosting a virtual Career Day.  You are invited to share information about your career with our students.  Please see the attached information which explains how to participate.  Please note the new deadline is Friday, May 29, 2020.  Thank you!

    BRMS Career Day Participation Instructions

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  • 8th Grade Summer Previews Program at WMMHS

    Posted by lori mauger on 5/6/2020 9:30:00 AM

    Eighth grade families, please view the attached information from Mendham High School on the Summer Previews Program:

    WMMHS Summer Previews Program

    The link to sign up electronically is:

    Sign Up Information

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  • Chester PTO Virtual Bingo

    Posted by Sophia Beaudin on 5/4/2020

    Virtual Bingo

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  • BRAGG 5th Photo Request - English & Espanol

    Posted by Sophia Beaudin on 5/4/2020

    Hi BRAGG 5th Grade Parents!

    desplazarse hacia abajo para español  


    I hope this email finds you and your families well!


    It's class video/slideshow time!  

    If you haven't already sent in your pictures, HERE IS THE INFO.....and the deadline for submission is MAY 17th!

    Every year a slideshow is created highlighting photos of The 5th Grade Class during their time at Dickerson and Bragg from K-5th.

    We need your photos!


    Please send photos of your 5th grader and their Bragg Friends through the years (K-5th) to:



    A couple of guidelines:

    Only submit photos with Current Bragg 5th graders in them.

    Small group photos are strongly encouraged to help us capture as many kids as possible.  But we also want pictures of your individual students too!

    Please do not send photos of private parties or exclusive events.

     In School Class Parties are GREAT!

    The photos can span Kindergarten thru 5th grade, but nothing prior please.  It does not have to be a school event, but now big family gatherings.

    Send approx 5-10 photos per student. We will work to make sure everyone is equally represented!

    Please double check the quality of the photos, be sure they are clear and visible.


    This will be an AWESOME video to highlight all of the fun this 5th Grade Class has had together during their time at Dickerson & Bragg.

    If you have any questions, please send an email to this email address BRAGG.PHOTOS.2020@GMAIL.COM


    Thank you all for helping make a great keepsake for our 2020 5th graders moving onto middle school!


    PLEASE SEND IN YOUR PICTURES BY MAY 17th so we have time to put the video slideshow together!  Thank you.


    Bienvenidos a los padres de los estudiantes del 5 grado!

    Espero que este correo electrónico les encuentre bien.  
    Es el tiempo del video/presentación de la clase.  
    Cada año hay una presentación destacando las fotos de la clase del quinto grado cuando eran en Dickerson y Bragg, de k-5.
    Necesitamos sus fotos!
    Por favor, envíe sus fotos de su estudiante en el quinto grado y sus amigos de Bragg a través de los años a:
    Algunas directrices:
    Solo envie fotos con estudiantes actuales del quinto grado.
    Fotos de grupos pequeños animado!
    Pero, no envie fotos de fiestas o celebraciones privadas.  Fotos de fiestas en la escuela son fantásticos! 
    Las fotos pueden ser del kindergarten hasta 5, pero por favor nada previamente.  
    Envie 5-10 fotos por estudiante.  Trabajaremos asegurar que todos estarán representado.
    Asegura que las fotos son claras y visibles.
    Va a ser un video increíble destacando todas las diversiones de esta clase juntos en las escuelas de Dickerson y Bragg.
    Si tiene preguntas , por favor envíe un correo electrónico a BRAGG.PHOTOS.2020@gmail.com
    Gracias a todos por ayudarnos a hacer un gran recuerdo para los estudiantes del quinto grado, 2020, pasando a BRMS.

    Fecha límite 17 de mayo de 2020  
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  • COVID-19 "Help My Child Cope" Important Tips

    Posted by lori mauger on 4/30/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Please view the two attached documents with important tips on how to help your child cope during quarantine:

    Tip Sheet for Parents

    COVID-19 Parenting Tips

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  • Food Bank Directory for Morris County

    Posted by lori mauger on 4/28/2020 9:25:00 AM

    The attached list contains food bank locations in Morris County.  Please click on the link below for further information:

    Food Bank Directory

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