Hello Everyone!
    Please have your notebooks divided into your four sections, and place your Rules/Regulations sheet which has been signed by a parent or guardian as the first page of your notebook.

      #1Please complete your worksheet(front and back) given to you by Thursday, September 10th.
        #2  Please have your pre-write pages completed for Tuesday's class writing session.  
       #3 Please have a very good first draft of y0ur poem for tomorrow's
             critiquing share.
        #4  Please have your poem ready for collection on Tuesday.  Please bring me two hard copies
         #5  Please complete the worksheet on context clues-(-it is on the back of your story element handout.) Study for your Spelling/Vocabulary/Poetic Device test which is tomorrow, Friday, Sept.25th
          #6  Complete pages 52-56 in your Performance Coach for Friday.  Bring your Performance Coach  to class.
          #7  Complete your Study Island assignment by Sunday night,Oct 4th
           #8  /Study Island:  Setting
           #9  Study Island : Characters  and complete Analysis of "The Flowers"document on Google Classroom for Friday. October 16th.  This will be a grade.  I have opened the dates for anyone who wants to complete PLOT and SETTING. I will not do this again.

           #10  Study Island -theme- due Sunday, Oct 25th by 7:00
            #11 Study quizlet on "Time in Thy Flight" voc/sp words.  Test Tues.Nov 2nd
              #12  Core 1/2;4/6;7/9   Chapter questions completed by Monday, Nov.9th.  The questions are on classroom.  Core 10/11 complete questions for Chapters 3,4, and 5 for Monday, Nov.9th.
              #13  For Friday, November 13th.  Core7/9  -Chapters 4,5,6 and Questions.  Core 1/2 and 4/6-Chapters and Questions 5,6,and 7.  Core 10/11 Questions and Chapters 6,7 and 8
                #14  Continue your reading and do assignment on classroom.
                  #15 Read Chapters 11-16 and complete the questions on classroom by Dec. 4th
                    #16 First draft of Speculative due tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec.8th.
                  #17 Study Island by Sunday:  Central Idea and Varied Sentence Structure
                #18          Study Island-Transitions and Text Structure
                #19  Study Island --Inferences and Organizing ideas
                 #20 Study Island--Connotationa and Denotation and Supporting and Developing topics
                  #21--Chapter one questions on Classroom--The Outsiders
                   #22-Chapters two and three
                   #23  Chapters four, five and six
                   #24 Chapters 7 and 8 and...Study Island:comparison/contrast
                     #25  Performance Coach pages 179-181
                               Chapters 9,10.11 for Friday
    Week of April 9th:Practice Test Booklet
     Mon.pages 6-9
    Tues.pages 20-25
    Wed.pages 16-19 
    Thurs.pages 10-15
    Week of April 18th-Slide presentation due April 25th and Revised copy of Speculative Essay due Friday--hard copy , please. Begin studying cross curricular voc words:Genetics (quizlet on classroom)
    Week of May 2nd-Please begin studying your quizlet vocabulary on genetics which is on classroom.