Flag Football Rules

Flag Football Rules...

  • To get started, create or join a group of students, (minimum 6 students).

    Next divide into 2 fair teams, Mr. Duffy can help you with this if you need assistance. 

    Then create a field using domes, 8 domes are preferable, 4 at each end forming a rectangular end zone on either side of the field. 

    Put on your belt with 2 flags, one on each hip, velcro side out. Now you are ready to play! 


    1. Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who gets the ball first.

    2. The team with the ball gets 4 downs (tries) to score.

    3. If the team with the ball gets two completed catches over the line of scrimmage, (which is an imaginary line created where the ball is at the start of the play) on 2 plays, they are awarded a new set of downs (tries).

    4. The quarterback has 7 seconds to throw the ball or the down is over. The seconds will be counted by the defense by counting 'mississippi's' as fast as they can.

    5. The defense cannot cross the line of scrimmage (imaginary line created where the ball is at the start of the play)  and the quarterback can't cross the line of scrimmage. 

    6. On 4th down, the team can choose to go for a score or new set of downs but if the offense fails, the defense will take over the ball and become the offense where the ball was last at the end of 4th down. The offense can also choose to 'punt' on 4th down and throw the ball to the other team giving them worse field position. There is no actual punting or kicking the ball in Mr. Duffy's class for safety reasons. 

    7. There is no 2 hand touch or tackling.  You must go for the flag. 

    8. In the event of a fumble, when the ball carrier drops the ball after a catch, the play is over and the ball is spotted where the fumble occurred. Fumbles are not live balls and there is no reason to jump on them for safety reasons. Because of this rule there are also no laterals, there is a maximum of one pass per play.  

    9. There are no running/rushing plays or handing the ball off, every play is a passing play. 

    10. Please see Mr. Duffy for more information regarding technique on how to play and penalties such as pass interference and offsides.