Central Office Personnel 908-879-7383

    Dr. Christina Van Woert, Superintendent of Schools

    Mrs. Donna Price, Administrative Assistant ext 7313

    Mr. Brad Currie, Director of Planning, Research and Evaluation ext 6314


    Board of Education Office 908-879-7373

    Mrs. Melissa Simmons, Business Administrator 

    Mrs. Sharon Ruiz, Accounts Payable

    Mrs. Mariah Hantis, Payroll/Benefits

    Ms. Sophia Beaudin, Administrative Assistant


    Special Services 908-879-6004

    Mrs. Jeanette Krone, Supervisor

    Mrs. Eileen Bennett, Secretary


    Maintenance 908-879-3640

    Mr. Bobby Carroll, Supervisor


    Dickerson School 908-879-5313

    Mrs. Melissa Fair, Principal

    Mrs. Lora Orchard, Secretary


    Bragg School 908-879-5324

    Mrs. Michele Stanton, Principal

    Mrs. Lisa Campbell, Secretary


    Black River Middle School 908-879-6363

    Mr. Andrew White, Principal

    Mrs. Lori Mauger, Secretary

    Mrs. Virginia Miller-Jones, Guidance Secretary