• Teachers walk the students to all places...related arts & lunch.
    All children should walk to the office or nurse with a "buddy".
    Please, sign out in the office if you leave for lunch or during a prep.
    Subs do not necessarily get a prep period as they do not prep. Sometimes they will be shifted to an uncovered position during prep.


    Upon arrival subs will report to the main office to check in and receive this form...


    Teacher Name RM# ____


    We have a Substitute Folder in each classroom. The folder in your assigned room is located ________________________

    I hope it is helpful.

    The regular daily plan book is located ___________________________


    Please try to follow the teacher plan book unless otherwise stated in the sub. folder.

    Please check for duties.

    Please notify the office if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Fair, Principal

    Mrs. Orchard


    Dickerson School Substitute Information Sheet
    Main Office x5310 Nurse's Office x5316

    Teacher Name ______________________ Room #_________________

    The following items are kept in these locations:

    Lesson Plan Book ___________________________________________

    Back Up Lesson Plans___________________________________________

    Seating Chart___________________________________________

    School Map___________________________________________

    Special Duties of Mine___________________________________________

    Recess Time Procedure for Indoor and Outdoor _______________________________

    Lunch Time Procedure ___________________________________________

    Dismissal Procedure___________________________________________

    Standing Pick up Notes are kept ___________________________________________

    Bus Information for all students___________________________________________

    Students that leave during the day for pull out programs_________________________

    Student(s) with special circumstances____________________________________

    Teacher(s) who can help you

    Students that can help you

    Additional comments from teacher: