•  All homework will be posted on Google classroom and not on this website. 
    Due Wed Feb 15th -
    1Final copy of Greenhouse effect Lab- page 50(see details on conclusion and reflection below)
    2)Graph of Greenhouse Effect lab on graph paper page 49, Lab sheet 48 - (Extra credit graph using google sheets- instructions on last lab google classroom)
    3)Greenhhouse effect and questions 1, 2 on front and back-Conclude and Apply
    Conclusion- Was your hypothesis correct? What were the results of the ending temperatures for the covered and open container? Did your model work to show the greenhouse effect? Any other observations you have about your experiment.
    Reflection -3 possible errors and what similar experiment would you try next time.
    Extra credit - graph using google sheets, follow the same directions as your instructions for the last lab.
    See google classroom for  instructions for lab report and graph of lab due Jan 30th at the end of class. 
    Due Friday Jan 20th  Turn in a"rough draft" of for science project. The final project is due the week of March 6th. You should have filled out a scientific method lab sheet. You did not have to do the actual experiment yet. This was to be completed to show that you have it planned out. It will count as completed if all parts are filled in on the front side and back side is labeled.
    Due Friday Jan 13thTwo Line graphs from data table on "Effect of acid rain on plants"- I will grade the last two rows on plant height and number of leaves on the plant. 
    Questions 2-4 on page 38 in Noteboo
    Project idea permission slip due Jan 11th
    One week notice for Assessment on Ch 18 sec 1-4 next Tuesday Dec 20 all classes -except core 3 and 10 are on wednesday
    You could start studying the following...(see google classroom for even more detail)
    1. Vocabulary study cards- page 34
    2. Quizlet for all vocabulary in  ch 18 on google classroom
    3.Study guide (notebook pg 33) and study guide sections 1 and 2 (pg 18)
    4 Notes Ch 18 sec 1 and 2 on GOOGLE CLASSROOM
    6. Worksheets 24 -food web, Notebook pages 31 and 32 
    Due Wed Dec 13th - you will have more class time to work on them (core 3, 8, 11 due Thursday)
    Finish Notebook pages 31, 32, 33 see below...
    -pg 31- Matter and Energy use text 498-501
    -pg 32 -Changes in Antarctic food web - use text page 499,
    -pg 33- Study guide "matter and energy" -use text pages 496-501
     Dec 2 until we get to everyone - No order of presentations just raise your hand when you want to present.
    Presentations of research - you will be graded using the requirements I gave you below and it is on google classroom. Who, What, Where, When, why, and how questions plus a food web with your animal). Check that yuo have everything and copied and pasted your websites on the document.  
    Due Tuesday Nov 29/Wed Nov 30
    Paragraph - How did the reintroduction of wolves affect the Yellowstone ecosystem? From movie clip -How do wolves change rivers - look up the video clip if you wanat to see it again ( 4min 34 seconds)
    You should use note notes you took  on google slides (in google classroom) and your food web to write your paragraph.
    Minimum of six sentences. 
    **** Presentation of your research on a reintroduced animal of your choice -Due Wednesday Nov 30th
     (this is also on google classroom)You will be given two more class periods to work this week.
    1.Choose an animal species to research that was reintroduced into their native(original) habitat after a population decline. 
    2.Choose a format to show your research - examples -a poster, google slides, google docs, other digital formats, handwritten,hand drawn, or a combination of digital and handwritten
    Partial List (look up reintroduced species in North America)- Red wolf, Grey wolf, Black footed ferret, Bald eagle, Peregrine Falcon,  Bison, Big horn sheep, Pronghorn Antelope, BobWhite quail in N.J.,Cougars(possibly in N.J. and NY.!), whooping crane, Bobcat, Lynx
    Write in full sentences and in your own words
    Paste the slide from which you found the information on that slide 
    3.Research the animal and answer the following questions- choose the order that makes sense to you. If you can not find the answers for these questions, include other information to substitute for it. Use full sentences.
    __Who - Who is reintroducing this species?Tell about the scientist or the organization that is reintroducing this species.
    __What - What is the animal like physically and behaviorally? Example -Size, color, diet, predators, behaviors 
    __Where - Where is it being introduced?Which state or park?
    __When - When did this reintroduction happen?Which year or years did this happen and is it still continuing today?
    __Why - Why did the species drop in population and need to be reintroduced?examples- over hunting, loss of habitat, increase in predators, loss of prey etc. 
    __How - How are they reintroducing the species?For instance, are scientists breeding them in captivity and releasing them or are they capturing the animal in the  wild elsewhere  and releasing them in their old habitat? 
    __Graphics- pictures, no video clips without permission,
    __Food web that you find, make or draw yourself that includes the animal. 
    __Other possible information- examples- Are people opposed to the reintroduction? Were there challenges to overcome? How did they overcome them? Interactions it has with other animals- prey, predators, symbiotic relationships. Anything else you find interesting.
     4. Present to class or to small groups
    Nov 15/ Nov 16 Homework 
    Ch 18 -Read pages 502 and 503 to complete worksheet called"Bringing back the wolves" (page 23 in notebook)Skip Number 4 on back we will be using researching other reintroduced species)due Wed Core 8,10  and Thursday for Cores 1, 5, 7,11 and Friday- core 2, 3
    You can skip last question on back. This will be background information for studying how wolves change ecosystems.
    We will watch the video clip "How wolves change rivers"( 4 min) about how the wolves reintroduced into Yellowstone changed the ecosystem. 
    Nov 14th -If you can, really try to watch the Supermoon rise at 5:14 pm in the eastern sky. If there are trees, keep looking and it will rise above them soon.  The next moon this close to earth in the orbit(perigee) has not happened since 1948 and will not happen again until 2034.
    Photgraph it if you want to- include a tree, house etc. in the shot for a size reference. It will be setting Wed am in the western sky when you get up. Hopefully it will not be cloudy.
    ***Quiz NOV 14/15/16th Study for quiz on vocabulary from Chapter   18 sections 1 and 2 Use the vocabualry list I gave you and there is a quizlet on google classroom. You can also use the study guide from Nov 2 -page 18 in Notebook. Core 5 and 11 are on Monday Nov 14 and all others are tuesday Nov 15-except Core 2 and 3 will be Wednesday Nov 16th. See me if you were absent. We went over the notes on these sections and they are on google classroom too.
    Due Wednesday- Nov 2nd   
    1.Complete study guide (page 18 in Notebook)Front and back see below...
    (Front- Sec 1 Living and Nonliving environment -using textbook pages 482-487  and
    Back- Interactions among Living Organism Section 2 pages 488-495)
    2.Complete questions 1-3 page 487 in full sentences
    Due Wed Oct 26- Lab report on water temperature and condensation. If I did not see your class today(Tues) or do not see you tomorrow,it is due Thurs. 
    Page 15 in your notebook. If you need help, use your yellow scientific method key - page 16. See google classroom if you need a a better copy than you did on page 15. Google classroom has a template to fill in.Make a copy before you write on it. 
    Due Tuesday Oct18th all cores (except Core 3 and 10 due Wed)
    Write an explanation answering the question... How does a hurricane lose power? use page 438 of the Earth Science Textbook. Use the following words in your explanation and underline them. Warm water, cold water, land, evaporation or evaporate, condensation or condense, moisture, and power. Five sentence minimum.
     Current Event- Hurricane
    Due Friday Oct  14th - Plot the latitude and longitudes of four hurricanes paths. Choose your two most accurately done hurricane paths to be graded. Indicate which hurricanes you want graded by putting a star by their names at the top of the map. In your notebook, you have paper copies of the map(page  9) and the track coordinates of famous hurricanes(page 10). It is also available on google classroom under "follow that hurricane". You can print out another map from google classroom. It is the last page under "follow that hurricane".
    Due 10/7 except core 5 and 7 due 10/6
    Storm Preparation plan -filled out signed- print off from google classroom if you lost it
    Due  Thursday 9/15 and Friday 9/16
    Make a section of your binder labeled Science, paper, pencils, separate notebook labeled science(spiral ring or composition)
    Due Thursday 9/22 (all classes -except core 2 and 8 are due friday)
     Safety contract signed by parent
    Due 4/19 - 
    Research on Mountain Ranges
    Mountain Building is due to Tectonic Plate motion Research the five mountain ranges that you needed to draw on your Global Connections map.
    Andes, Alps, Himalayas, Rockies and Ural mountains. You may substitute the Appalachian mountains for one of these if you want to do so. Look on Google Classroom for the graphic organization for the information to include.
    April 9th
    All classwork on pages #1-9 in Plate tectonics table of contents should be complete. # 4 is on chromebook. See notebook on board or on this website.
    Notebook check pages 1-25 due Friday March 18th. Core 3 and 10 due Thursday by the end of the period. You can be missing pages 9,17,23 and 24 with no points off. Extra credit if handed in early. The list of pages #1-25 for your table of contents is on this webpage near the homework link.
    Projects presentations starting on March 7 
    Quiz on Chapter 6  Rock and Fossil Record
    Wed for cores 1,2,7,8 (March 2nd)
    Thursday for cores 3,5,10,11 (March 3rd) /
     - quizlet with the vocab is on every classes' Google Classroom
    Work on project - if you are in the fair it is due on March 5, if you are not in fair it is due the week after the fair, the week starting March 7th.
    Feb 22 is the last day to sign up for the science fair on March 5th. The project itself is due in class for an oral presentation the week of March 7th. To sign up for the fair, go to "science fair" on the left side of the Chester website or www.chestersciencefair.org Click on the Family Portal and then enter your password. If you have never been in the fair or are new to the district, click on the link for that and they will send you a password. If you forgot your password, click on the link that says "forgot password" and then write in a parents email and they should send it  right away.
    If you have a partner, your partner needs to sign up as well.
    Get a head start looking at the Peabody Museum of Natural History website - We will be working with petrified wood in a lab this week.
    All classes -finish classwork if not completed in class- by Wed Feb 10th
    "Looking at Fossils" page 9 Use textbook pages 146-149
    Remember to sign up for the science fair if you want to be in the fair on March 5th. The project itself is due in class for an oral presentation the week of March 7th. To sign up for the fair, go to "science fair" on the left side of the Chester website. Click on the Family Portal and then enter your password. If you have never been in the fair or are new to the district, click on the link for that and they will send you a password.
    If you have a partner, your partner needs to sign up as well.
    **Check out science project rubric on Google Classroom to make sure your project is coming along correctly with all the requirements. The rubric was also posted in late December on this website (under science project)- scroll down to the rubric.
    Due  Lab and graph of the lab on "Water and Erosion"- see below...
    Use the pink sheet on the Scientific method key for lab requirements
    Bar Graph needs a title, labeled x and y axis, bars for trial one, two and averages
    Due on Friday Jan 22 
    Minimum of a five sentence description of the animation in google classroom to introduce our next chapter  6 - Rocks and Fossils. 
    You could also find it at...
    Go on this link and watch the animation of a dinosaur that is preserved in rock layers and then discovered.
    Extra credit-Use vocabulary from Section 1/2 pages 134-137 in description of the animation.. Also, if you want to go on to other parts of the website, you may get a head start exploring it. Write down some favorite parts of website to share.
    **Project idea for the required project is due Thursday Jan 14th - get parent to sign the permission form. Being in the fair on March 5th is voluntary and you will receive extra credit.  The project itself is due the week after the fair. See the tab for the science project for information.  See me if you can't get your partner's signature signed -it will not count as late. 
    **Sciencebuddies.org is a great site for ideas.
    Finish chapter review page 52 and 53 7-30 skip 12,13,21,23,27 textbook or google classroom notes on the chapter
    ***Test on Tuesday for Red only, all others Wed Jan 13 (Blue is Thurs) Maps as Models of the Earth.Use the packet as study guide (vocabulary is at the back of the packet)not page on Mapping in the computer age)
    Quizlet link below...
    https://quizlet.com/62036713/science-vocab-maps-as-models-of-the-earth-flash-cards/   If the link does not work, go to Quizlet.com Username is BlackRiver6 and the  password is science1 and find the quizlet called science vocab-Maps as Models of the Earth
    **Project idea for the required project is due Jan 14th -Being in the fair on March 5th is voluntary and you will receive extra credit.  The project itself is due the week after the fair. See the tab for the science project for information. Scroll down to Permission slip, print it out and get it signed.
    **Sciencebuddies.org is a great sight for ideas.
    Due Tuesday Jan 5 All classes lab questions 17-21 page 637 - use map on page 636 if you forget what your topographic map was like from the lab/ 
    Due Jan 5th packet complete   
      Indigo and orange 1-45 only due Wed
    ***Test next Tuesday the 12th If I don't see you tuesday, it is Wed the 13th
    See packet as study guide and vocabulary at the back
    Quizlet on Quizlet.com Username is BlackRiver6    password science 1
    Due Tuesday Dec 22 nd for all classes (except Orange and indigo)-finish the first three pages of packet  questions#1-42  skip 16,30,31,32,42 use textbook pages 32-51 to complete it. 
    Due Friday Dec 11 - "Finding direction on Earth" use pages 35 to 39 in text and "Where on Earth" (use of longitude and latitude)Use pages 35-39   
    Due Friday - Yellow, Indigo only Finding direction on Earth 
    Due Monday - Red, Blue, Green, Black, Blue, Violet
    Due Tuesday - Orange both, Indigo -Where on Earth
    Homework- Due Tues - orange and Indigo- finish part 1-write up how you made a homemade compass and then print it out. 
     Due Wed for Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green  Due Thursday - violet, orange and indigo - part 2 -the 6 questions ( Finish classwork on assignment on making a compass and questions on the Earth's magnet field. See Google classroom, typed copy or it is below...
    ***Chorus student can have an extra day if you need it due to the concert.


    Part One

    Write up the procedure (steps)of how you made your compass.

    • What materials did you use? List them.

    • How did you put the compass together?

    • Did it work?

    • On a separate sheet of paper draw a diagram.

    Optional:Explain what happened when you brought a magnet close to your compass? Why did that happen?  Did you ruin your homemade compass or not? If you did ruin it, how did you fix it?

    Part Two- Answer these questions in complete sentences.

    1.Why does the Earth have a magnetic field? (page 30 or Google slides-All the Earth is a Magnet))

    The Earth has a magnetic field because

    2.How did scientist discover what the Earth’s core was like?(page 30 and Google slides- All of the Earth is a Magnet)

    3.How do some animals use the earth’s magnetic field?Give examples. (Use your notes on Google Slides-Examples of Animals using the Earth’s magnetic field, Google slides - All the Earth’s a Magnet or Textbook page 62-Biology Connection)

    4.What is a compass sensing?(Textbook page 36

    or handout on magnetism)

    5.What items can make a compass deflect from the North? Why does the needle move away from the North?

    6. What is magnetic induction. (Hand out on Magnetism)

    Optional- How was magnetic induction used to make a homemade compass needle? How was magnetic induction used to ruin a homemade compass?