Current events in animals- migration in fall (Hummingbirds, Hawks, monarch butterflies, Bald eagles- check out Journey North website and write what you learned)


    Hawkcount.org - Go to various hawkwatches and choose a species to see if the population is increasing or decreasing over a long time period. Calculate the number of a certain species per hour by dividing the total # for the fall divided by the total hours of observing in the fall.

    Compare various years of data collection and analyze if a certain species is decreasing in population.

     Natural Hazards-

    Current events-Predicting natural hazards- hurricanes

    1. Research hurricanes - location and date of landfall and damages

    2.Track  hurricanes on map from National Hurricane Center using latitude and longitude




    Observations extensions

     Observations of the reaction of a pet with a mirror - Make a hypothesis and record what happens when you do the experiment. 

    Why do you think you got those results? Video tape, pictures or write down what happened. Do not use other people's pets.

    Look up videos on animals and Mirrors -write down why reactions are different.

    Book -Dolphin in the Mirror -Diana Reiss author 






    Ch 6 Rock and Fossil record

    Sec 2 

    1.Gems created by intrusions or heat and pressure of rock layers - draw/ find images and write about gemstones/birthstones and how they are formed- some by intrusions

    Section 4- Fossils

    2. Study the Leakey family as paleontologists

     Section 4/5 Fossils and Geologic Time Scale

     3. Dinosaurs extinction theories

     4. Peabody museum at Yale- Look at webiste and their fossil / dinosaur exhibits write about history and exhibits





    Ch 7-Plate Tectonics

    Sec 1

    1.Find the density of basalt(oceanic crust) and Granite( continental Crust). Use mass divided by volume of the rock alone to find density.

    2.Make a model of the earth in a plastic egg

    3. How is a hardboiled egg similar to and different from  the 3 compositional layers of the earth?

    ... the 5 physical layers of the earth ?

     4. Cornstarch and water make a substance that moves slowly like the asthenosphere. Place blocks on it representing the  plates and make them convergent and divergent to create seafloor speading and continental drift. 

    5. Plate Tectonic puzzle - cut out and put together


    Sec 2-

     1.Continental drift - make a puzzle of the super-continent -pangea


    Sec 3 The theory of Plate Tectonics

    1. Show convection current with dyed water( magma) rising to show hot less dense material and sinking when it is cooler and more dense 

    2. Make floating styrofoam separate using convection currents

     3.Experiment- What is the effect of the temperature on the time it takes the convection current to hit the side of the container?




    Page 218- Can animals sense earthquakes?

    -Look up stories of animals sensing earthquakes

    -Example-Tame Elephants in SriLanka sensed earthquake and tsunami and saved people by picking them up and giving them a ride to higher ground

    - Research animals that can sense very small vibrations-

       example - American Woodcock can detect earthworm vibrations moving throught the earth

    Sec 2

    Concept -S waves can not pentrate through liquid 

    - Earth' core has never been seen but the secondary seismic waves reflect off of the liquid outer core which shows us the outer core's size and shape. How is this like an x ray showing us what our skeleton looks like?How is this like  sonar showing us what the bottom of the ocean looks like?

    - Explain the experiment with dolphin's sonar (echolocation)that shows how they can "see"and identify an object that is in a black box. How is this like scientists "seeing" the earth's core using s waves bouncing off the outer core.


    -Design a seismograph of your own