First Grade Supply List

    Supply List   



    • Hard plastic pencil box (8x5)
    • Pack of No. 2 pencils (Ticonderoga) - sharpened 
    • Eraser 
    • Glue sticks (the bigger sized ones work better and last longer) 
    • Scissors-blunt tip
    • Box of crayons-12-24 count
    • Colored pencils (optional)
    • Yellow highlighter 
    • Dry erase markers-black preferred
    • Pen-green preferred
    • Yellow post-its/sticky notes 
    • Watercolor paint set
    • 1 pocket folder for unfinished work
    • 1 art smock or an old t-shirt - please place in a gallon sized Ziploc bag with your child's name on it
    • 1 pair of ear buds or headphones - please place in a Ziploc bag with your child's name on it
    • Lanyard for your child's mask (optional)
    • 2 comfortable masks 
    • Container/bag for masks (optional)


    Important Notes: 

    • Please place the [appropriate] supplies above in the pencil box (pencils, eraser, glue sticks, etc.) - at least 1 of each. Two or more pencils in their pencil box would be helpful.  
    • I will be supplying your child with a homework folder. 
    • Please make sure everything is labeled with your child's name. 
    • Extra supplies can be stored in my classroom. I will pass them out to your child, as needed, throughout the school year. 
Last Modified on August 13, 2021