• Please put any dismissal notes in your child's folder as we check these every day. Please DO NOT email me if you have a change in pick-up as I may not see the message. Call the office directly.



    Drop-Off in the Morning at Dickerson School 

    • Drop-off begins at 8:30 am, when the staff begins the school day. There is no student supervision prior to 8:30 am.
    • The drop-off lane is to the right of the orange cones. Do not park in the crosswalk.
    • Parents must remain in their cars. Student exit CURBSIDE ONLY.
    • Wait in line to exit and do not pass other cars or exit between the cones.
    • If you walk your child to the door to say goodbye, please park in the lot and use the crosswalk.
    • We greet the children and hold open the heavy front doors.
    • School begins at 8:50 am. If you arrive after 8:50 am, you must park and walk your child to the door and buzz the office. We will open the door.
    • There is NO PARKING in the fire lane at any time of the day. You must have a handicapped designation to park in the reserved parking.

    Pick-Up from Dickerson School

    PICK UP IS AT 3:20 PM.

    • Notify your teacher if you are waiving the bus for the year and will always be a pick-up.
    • Send a note in the backpack each morning you deviate from your child’s normal routine. The teacher will send this note to the office.
    • Do not e-mail a change in your child’s pick-up routine; teachers do not always check e-mail during the school day. Please call the school at 908-879-5313.
    • Parents picking up children after school will line up, distanced, on the gym ramp facing Bragg School at 3:20 pm. Your child will be asked to identify you. We will call you if the person picking up your child is not on your emergency list. This procedure was effective and assisted parents picking up more than one child.

    To minimize academic disruption for the entire class, please avoid picking your child up early unless you have an appointment or emergency. Classes run until 3:15 pm. Please pick your child up from the gym ramp.