• Updated for the 2022-23 School Year!

    Throughout the year, your children will be learning to recognize, read, and write many new sight words. When we learn a sight word at school, the word will go on our word wall. (Sometimes we call these words "Word Wall Words" or "red words.") We would like students to learn the following words by the end of Kindergarten. We may be learning some other sight words as well this year. 

    the, for, are, is, my, go, me, like, on, play, not, at, in, we, to, and, up, was, see, do, you, look, can, no, am

    Other words to practice: a, I, come, have, had, just, keep, said

    Here are some fun ways you can practice sight words with your children! 

    - Turn them into flash cards, and practice them with your children.

    - Make two sets of sight words cards, and use them to play Memory Match or Go Fish!

    - Tape them around the house and practice saying the words in that room with your child each time you go into the room. Additionally, this could become a word hunt, where the students look for the words and write them on a paper.

    - Use your child's favorite books, and go on a ¨Sight Word Hunt¨ through the book to find the sight words.

    - Write your words in different ways. For example, write in bubble letters, Rainbow colors (first in red, then go over it in orange, then yellow etc.),

    - Make words with playdough or any materials you have at home.

    - Play Zap! Write a set of words on cards. Play the words face down on the table. In addition write the word ZAP on 2 different cards and place face down somewhere in the mix of cards. Take turns flipping cards over. If it is read correctly, the player keeps the card, if not it goes back down on the table. If someone flips the ZAP card over, all their cards go back on the table.

    - READY, AIM, READ! Use a ball that's soft. Place the words your child is studying on a sticky note and place the words on a wall. As you call out words, have your child toss the ball to hit the correct word. You can also spell the word and your child needs to figure the word out first.

    - Put sand, salt, sugar, flour or shaving cream in a pan. Have your child practice writing the words with their finger in the pan.

    - Go outside and write the words with sidewalk chalk!

    - Say or write the words in a sentence!

    - Be creative and come up with your own sight word activity! :-)