Ski/Snowboard Crew

  • Ski & Snowboard Crew 15/16


     Ski and Snowboard Crew


    10/11/19 - The members of the 2019/2020 Ski & Snowboard Crew are listed below.


    You must pick up your Registration Packet from Mr. Lorusso (room 2) on Tuesday morning (10/15) during Enrichment.


    The deadline to register on the Shawnee Website is Friday, November, 1st. 

    Follow the instructions in your Registration Packet and email or stop by with any questions.


    We have a long waiting list of interested students, so please let us know if circumstances change and you are unable to join.


    Crew Members:

    Reese Alofs

    Jake Amaral

    Riya Atluri

    Sean Belenets

    Tommy Blackwell

    JJ Cachianes

    Luca Chiaese

    Jessica Curl

    Luke Dominguez

    Aidan Donovan

    Olivia Fergus

    Simon Frees

    Ella Glodek

    Lucy Gorman

    Arya Gorti

    Justice Hanson

    Gretchen Higgins

    Harry Hughes

    Juliette Hyde

    Joseph Kashani

    Tahlia Kofman

    Ryder Leckie

    Anna Leiwant

    Katie Letwink

    Anthony Levine

    Amanda Lia

    Alyssa Mayhood

    Collin McCarthy

    Brennan McKevitt

    Samairaa Mehra

    Ava Montaruli

    George Moschella

    Emily Moul

    Zachary Narozny

    Zach Naval

    Andrew Osso

    Julia Raghunandan

    Finn Robbins

    Sebastian Rodriguez

    Anthony Rossi

    Alex Rubano

    Nate Rymer

    Sawyer Schuurmans

    Hayden Scotti

    Joseph Sheaffer

    Gwen Spence

    Patrick Spira

    Gavin Thrun

    Megan Turner

    Ryan Turner