Varughese, Androvette, Marianino, Capan, and Rutgers

    Pictured above from left to right is Ms. Chris Ponce, the presenter from Rutgers University,  Mrs. Andrea Varughese- Dickerson ESL Teacher, Mrs. Deb Androvette- Bragg ESL teacher, Ms. Lauren Marianino- Black River & Dickerson ESL teacher, Behind Ms. Marianino- Mrs. Gretchen Capan- Bragg Spanish teacher and our interpreter for the evening, and Ms. Shaemee Alam, from Rutgers University, the presenter. Thank you to our ESL teachers for planning this wonderful evening!!! 


    On January 28th,  the Rutgers University Community Liaisons, Ms. Shaeeme Alam, M.A. and Ms. Chris Ponce presented to our students and families of English as a Second Language Students  about future community college and Rutgers University options available for them.  West Morris Central and West Morris Mendham High School and Chester parents and students along with administration and guidance counselors from these schools were all invited to make the connection to a college education for students. Thank to our forward-thinking ESL teachers, Mrs. Deb Androvette, Mrs. Andrea Varughese, Mrs. Lauren Marianino who have taught many of these students in the past and are supporting their efforts to attend college in the future. These teachers planned this excellent parent presentation. A special thanks to Mrs. Gretchen Capan who was our interpreter and to Mrs. Eileen Bennett who as always worked behind the scenes in ensuring the facilities, food, and advertisement for this presentation were all successfully facilitated.  It was an excellent evening in which we were all well-informed on how to ensure our students could all enroll in college one day.  

    Pictured below is Ms. Brenda Codallos and Ms. Shaeeme Alam from Rutgers with Dr. Jeanette Krone, Director of Student Services and Mrs. Michele Stanton, Bragg School principal. 

    Rutgers personnel and Dr. Krone and Mrs. Stanton Mrs. Androvette introducing the speakers  Mrs. Deb Androvette speaking to parents.