• Spelling:  Week of June 1st 

    Materials:  pencil, lined paper, crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils, access to internet, spelling city username,password

    Formative Assessment:  student participation in spelling activities via photo

    Summative Assessment:  completion of spelling test via photo


    This week's SPELLING WORDS:   

    1. home    cake   joke    smile   made   bike   
    2. pat   pin   pet   pal  pom 


    This week's SPELLING SENTENCE: 

    The joke made me smile.

    Pat put the pin on his pal.

    1.  EACH DAY choose one activity below to complete.  Click on the quick, 15 second, fun tutorial for demonstration of the activity when available.

    Rainbow Words:  Choose 3 colors to write your spelling words.

    *Rainbow Words Tutorial 

    Word Shapes:  Write your spelling words. Put a box around each letter.

    *Word Shapes Tutorial

    Sort your words:  Sort your words by the vowel  

    Circle the Vowel(s) Write your spelling words and circle the vowel(s).

    Bubble Words:  Write your spelling words in bubble form.

    Syllables: Divide your spelling words into 2 syllables and mark the vowel accordingly.

    ABC OrderWrite your spelling words in ABC Order.

    Word Search:  Make a word search using all your words & have a family member find them.

    *Word Search Tutorial

    Sentences: Write a sentence for each spelling word. Each sentence must have the BIG 3.

    Your Activity:  Create your OWN WAY to practice your spelling words/sentence.

    2.  After completing an activity...
    -Check your work and send picture of it to me via email.
    -Go to https://www.spellingcity.com and practice your words while playing games.  In class, we do about 10 minutes). Please email me if you can't find your username/password. 
    -On Thursdays, after doing the above, complete spelling test & send me a picture of it. Thank you!!