Week of June 1, 2020

    Dear Parents,

    This week, I will have a Zoom Meetings from 9-12:00. Please have your child join when it is convenient for you.  If this time doesn't work for you, I will continue to post my lesson plans daily on this webpage for your convenience.  I encourage you do to do whatever makes your life easier! Either way, I look forward to working with your child! 

    My goal of this zoom is to do the following:

    900-930 Spelling and Fundations

    930-1040 Reading Group 1(if your child is not in this reading group, he/she is more than welcomed to stay on and complete independent word such as spelling, edmark and reading)

    1040-1050 Snack

    1050-1130 Writing

    1130-1200-Reading Group 2 (if your child is not in this reading group, he/she is more than welcomed to stay on and complete independent word such as spelling, edmark and reading)

    1200-100 Break for Lunch

    130-230 Math (Wednesdays math is 100-200)


    Edmark, spelling city, math fact practice can be done independently.  Thank you for the Pictures of their Edmark Sentence.




    Monday, April 13, 2020

    Dear Parents,

    Today, I will have a google meet from 9-12.  My goal of this meet is to do the following:

    900-930 Spelling and Fundations

    930-1040 Reading

    1040-1050 Snack

    1050-1200 Writing

    Please feel free to have your child join the entire meet or just during certain subjects. It is up to you. Or, if that is not convenient for you, I will continue to upload daily lessons on this webpage for your child to complete at their convenience.  Thank you!

    I will also meet from 130-230 for math...look for that invite in your email.

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Christal



    Thursday, April 9, 2020


    Dear Parents,

    Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

    Thank you again for all you do!   Stay well.

    Jennifer Christal



    Wednesday, April 8, 2020


    Dear Parents,

    Hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday.

    If you sent me a picture of your child's writing-Page 1, I commented and made suggestions by email yesterday.  Please refer to that when your child is ready to do writing.  Or, if you prefer, I can do a google meet with your child. Just email me a time between 9-12 and 1-2 and I will set it up.  The invite will come to you via email.  

    If your child is still working on previously assigned work or you are a day behind...no problem.  I am not deleting the previous day's lesson. Just scroll down when on a particular subject tab and you will find it.  I will do that for as long as this software lets me!

    Also, if you haven't sent a picture of your child's Fundation's drawing from yesterday (drawing of glued sound word with a label) it's not too late. I want to put together a slideshow and get it out to your kids. I received most of them and just need a couple more.  

    Lastly, my goal is to get my plans up and ready by ~5pm the day before. I  will also leave previous plans up as well, just scroll down to view them.  

    Thank you again for all you do!   Stay well.

    Jennifer Christal






    April 7, 2020

    Dear Parents,

    Wow!  I am extremely grateful for all your feedback and support.  Most importantly, I want to thank you for your patience as we learn these online programs together. Below are some modifications you can do with your child as they get adjusted to their new way of learning.  

    Reading: You can modify the reading aloud by taking turns especially when the stories get longer. However, please continue to read to your child and have your child read aloud to you. Continue to have your child sound out words.  All the words in Superkids can be sounded out except for sight words. 

    Reading Worksheets: Modify the online worksheets by having your child tell you the answer rather than write the answers.  It is totally up to you.  If you do decide to have your child verbally tell you the answers, just let me know if they really struggled on a certain question(s).  

    Writing:  Your child may type their story rather than write.  It's totally up to you. Please attach it in an email, or share it with me if it's a google doc.  

    Math:  You can modify the amount of problems your child completes. For example, have them do just even or just odd. You can even choose what problems you want your child to complete on each page.  It is totally up to you.  

    Time:  Please do not feel any pressure in getting the work done in that 9-2 window.  Complete it when it is convenient for you.  You can always send me pictures the day of, the next day, at the end of the week.

    Movement breaks and brain breaks: Im sure you do these already but please feel free to incoporate these between subjects.

    Please use these modifications and any other that you feel are needed.  Some days your child won't need anything modified and some days they will. It's okay.

    Stay well.


    Jennifer Christal







    April 6, 2020

    Dear Parents

    I just want to take a moment to thank you for all your support in helping your child complete their work.  Moving forward, since we do not have any of our materials, everything will be done on-line. My goal for our new "classroom" is to make it less work for you and an easy place for your child to navigate through each day.

    For this to work, I need to be able to see your child's work. After each assignment, I kindly ask that you send me a picture of it via email. Having these pictures will allow me to check for understanding, provide timely feedback and monitor your child's progress.  In days to come, I will be setting up Google Meets which will give me the opportunity to briefly conference with your child and possibly hear him/her read...how exciting! After we confirm a date/time, please look for a Google Meet invitiation in your email.

    Lastly, as I am writing this, I have no idea of the challenges you may be facing, or how your life has been impacted by these events. I am truly hoping all is well for you and your family.  However, if your child needs any help, or assistance in completing their assignments, please do not hesitate to reach out.  You may email me anytime between 9-12 and 1-2. If those times do not work for you, please let me know and we can set up another time to talk. 

    Thank you again for all your support. Stay well.

    Best,Jennifer Christal